The actress was asked to take part in an exercise during a recent stop-over at a U.S. airport and jumped at the chance to help customs police train a new canine recruit.

Appearing on Friday's (15May15) episode of U.S. show The Talk, Kendrick explained, "I was getting off this plane and this gentleman who was with security came up to me and he was like, 'Can I ask you for a favour? Do you like dogs?' and I was like, 'I love dogs'. He was like, 'We're training one of our drug dogs and will you participate in a little exercise?'

"I was like, 'Of course, that's so cute...' They put something in my bag (and said), 'Just walk past and if he barks we'll reward him'. I walked past, I was trying not to act to obvious... and the dog barked."

But then things got a little troubling for the actress when the dog barked at her as she bent down to pet him after the exercise.

She adds, "He thought I was a criminal. I was like, 'What did you put in my bag to make it (dog) think that there was drugs in my bag?' and they went, 'Cocaine!'

"And then the dog kept kinda barking at my bag even when they took it out because the smell was still residually there, and I was like, 'What happens the next time I'm in an airport and the dog thinks there's something in my bag...?' I had to throw that bag away because I'm so afraid."