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Anna Kendrick Brushes Off Alfie Allen Dating Rumours

14th August 2014

Movie star Anna Kendrick is "confused" by reports suggesting she is dating Game Of Thrones actor Alfie Allen.The Pitch Perfect star had reportedly been spotted enjoying a recent low-key date in Las Vegas with Allen,...

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Anna Kendrick Dating Alfie Allen - Report

11th August 2014

Actress Anna Kendrick has sparked rumours of a new romance with Game Of Thrones star Alfie Allen after they were spotted on a date in Las Vegas.The pair reportedly requested "a dark table" at Sin...

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John Krasinski Surprises Anna Kendrick With Birthday Trip To Graceland

11th August 2014

Actor John Krasinski treated co-star Anna Kendrick to a special surprise by organising an impromptu trip to Elvis Presley's Graceland estate on her birthday.The former The Office star is currently directing and co-starring in a...

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Let's Take A Sneak Peak 'Into The Woods'

By Charlotte Court | 8th August 2014

Disney’s Christmas offering this year comes in the form of a bewitching fairy tale based on Stephen Sondheim’s award-winning musical, Into the Woods. Set in an alternate world of various Brothers Grimm fairy stories, this...

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Fairytales Come To Life In The First Trailer For Disney's Into The Woods

By Hannah Woodhead | 1st August 2014

Cinemas are set to get a whole lot more magical this winter with the release of the film adaptation of Stephen Sondheim's hit Broadway musical, Into the Woods. Directed by Chicago masetro Rob Marshall, the...

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First Pictures Of Disney’S ‘Into The Woods’ Starring Anna Kendrick And Johnny Depp

By Stephanie Chase | 31st July 2014

Have you ever wondered what happened to Cinderella, Rapunzel and Little Red Riding Hood after they got their ‘happy ending’? Well Disney’s latest musical, Into the Woods might make you wish you’d never asked. In...

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The Things They Say: 4279419

11th July 2014

"I don't understand people who buy fireworks. They are beautiful, yes, but so are majestic jungle cats. I still prefer them far away." Actress Anna Kendrick prefers to watch publicly-organised fireworks displays.

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Anna Kendrick To Star In Trolls

17th June 2014

Anna Kendrick has joined the cast of 'Trolls'.The 'Pitch Perfect' actress is the first star to sign up for the forthcoming DreamWorks animated adventure - which is based on the popular big-haired doll franchise -...

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Anna Kendrick To Star In Animated Trolls Musical

17th June 2014

Actress Anna Kendrick is set to show off her vocal skills again in an upcoming animated movie musical based on the popular big-haired toy dolls Trolls.The Pitch Perfect star will play Poppy, an upbeat princess...

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Rebel Wilson Upset Over Emmy Snub

14th June 2014

Rebel Wilson says it ''sucks'' to have missed out on an Emmy nomination. The 'Pitch Perfect' star took to Twitter earlier today(14.06.14) to vent her frustration at missing out on a nod at the annual...

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The Things They Say: 4241101

12th June 2014

"I haven't been hit on since Up in the Air. Honest to God." Actress Anna Kendrick admits men have left her alone since her starring role in the 2009 drama.

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Late Bloomer Anna Kendrick

11th June 2014

Anna Kendrick was an ''ultralate bloomer''.The 'Pitch Perfect' actress' mother used to tell her it was a ''blessing'' that she matured after her peers as she would always know guys weren't only interested in her...

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Skylar Astin Returning For Pitch Perfect 2

22nd May 2014

Skylar Astin is reprising his role in 'Pitch Perfect 2'.The actor has been confirmed to return as hunky college boy Jesse Swanson in the 2015 sequel alongside Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and Brittany Snow, Deadline...

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Anna Kendrick To Star In Mr. Right

6th May 2014

Anna Kendrick is to star alongside Sam Rockwell in 'Mr. Right'. The 28-year-old actress has signed on to join the 'Seven Psychopaths' actor in the upcoming romance, which will be directed by Paco Cabezas, with...

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Hailee Steinfeld Joins Pitch Perfect 2

2nd May 2014

Hailee Steinfeld has joined the cast of 'Pitch Perfect 2'.The 'True Grit' actress will team up with returning cast members Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and Brittany Snow for the forthcoming sequel, which will mark co-star...

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Zac Efron? (Maybe) - We Pick Our Dream Cast For Fox's 'Grease'

By Stephanie Chase | 2nd May 2014

This week Fox announced that they would be airing a three hour live broadcast of Grease next year. Lets think for a minute about what that means, Grease is coming back and there’ll be a...

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Hailee Steinfeld Joins 'Pitch Perfect 2': One Of The Barden Bellas?

By Lauren James | 1st May 2014

Hailee Steinfeld is to join the cast of Pitch Perfect 2, the college singing drama sequel set for release in May next year. The 17 year-old Ender's Game star will be one of the few...

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Eva Longoria's Mother Wasn't Impressed By Dalai Lama

15th April 2014

Eva Longoria's mother was more excited about meeting Jim Carrey than the Dalai Lama.The 39-year-old actress took her mother Ella with her to meet the head of the Buddhist faith, but when they got home,...

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Anna Kendrick: Pre And Post Snl, A Look At Her Pitch Perfect Career

By Stephanie Chase | 9th April 2014

We knew Anna Kendrick could act when we saw her in Up in the Air and we knew she could sing after Pitch Perfect, but thanks to her star turn hosting 'SNL', this past weekend...

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Snl Recap: Anna Kendrick Is As Doe-eyed As Ever, Pharrell Brings Out Grammy Hat

By Victoria Pavlova | 7th April 2014

An excellent topic to kick off Monday with – Anna Kendrick hosted SNL last week (excellent unless you missed it, of course.) Kendrick was perfect at matching the pitch of SNL’s comedy (get it?) On...

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Anna Kendrick On The Hunt For Sex In Saucy Saturday Night Live Skit

6th April 2014

Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick got a little saucy during her hosting stint on Saturday Night Live at the weekend (05Apr14) as "an international nasty girl" in search of Dongs All Over the World in...

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In Fashion Terms, The Independent Spirit Awards Have The Oscars Beat

By Victoria Pavlova | 2nd March 2014

Tonight is Oscar night, which means celebrities are expected to amp up the glamour and sport the latest in couture for their trips down the red carpet. But at last night’s Independent Spirit awards, they...

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Anna Kendrick Doesn't Want Singing Roles

27th February 2014

Anna Kendrick doesn't want singing roles in films so she can drink beer whenever she wants.The 28-year-old actress is soon to hit the big screen in a string of movies including 'The Last Five Years'...

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Anna Kendrick: 'I Don't Want To Do Any More Musicals'

27th February 2014

Actress Anna Kendrick has sworn off singing in any future films, because she finds it too hard to prepare her voice for musical roles.The Twilight star recently wrapped film adaptations of the off-Broadway musical The...

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Fascinating Fact: 4073895

18th February 2014

Actress Brittany Snow is joining her Pitch Perfect co-stars Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson for the highly-anticipated sequel to the a capella-centred comedy. Snow will reprise her role as Chloe in Pitch Perfect 2, which...

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Stars Support Ellen Page Coming Out

16th February 2014

Anna Kendrick and many other stars have sent messages of praise to Ellen Page for coming out.The 'Inception' star announced she is gay on Friday (14.02.14), prompting many to show their love and appreciation for...

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Fashion Week Front Row: Why The Best Seats Go To The A-listers

By Victoria Pavlova | 11th February 2014

Fashion Week is in full swing, so as per tradition, everyone is looking to the front row at fashion shows as much as the runway. For a while now, the front row has been the...

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'Pitch Perfect 2': Are You Ready For More Hilarious A Cappella Action?

By Lauren James | 7th February 2014

It's official: there's going to be a sequel to 2012's surprisingly successful musical comedy Pitch Perfect titled, of course, Pitch Perfect 2. Fans of the original movie need to get excited because the stars of...

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Fascinating Fact: 4055462

7th February 2014

Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson have confirmed they will be part of the Pitch Perfect sequel. The two actresses have closed deals to reprise their roles as Beca and Fat Amy for Pitch Perfect 2,...

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Anna Kendrick Afraid Of Clowns

30th January 2014

Anna Kendrick is afraid of clowns. The 'Up in the Air' actress feels traditional circus entertainers are an outdated concept and doesn't think even children find them fun anymore. She told website The Huffington post:...

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