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Ann-margret Feted At Broadway Gala

Ann-Margret Liza Minnelli

Veteran actress/singer Ann-Margret was the toast of Broadway on Tuesday (08Oct13) when she was handed a top prize from Liza Minnelli at a theatre and dance gala in New York.

The Bye Bye Birdie icon, 72, was the guest of honour at the Career Transition for Dancers' 28th Anniversary Jubilee and was presented with the Rolex Dance Award by last year's (12) winner, Minnelli.

Praising Ann-Margret, the Cabaret legend told the audience, "I remember seeing her in a movie with Elvis Presley (1964's Viva Las Vegas), and for the first time I was not looking at Elvis the entire time. I was looking at her!"

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Ann-Margret Broadway Cares

Ann-Margret - Legendary actress/singer Ann-Margret was honored at the "Broadway Cares" event at City Center - New York, NY, United States - Tuesday 8th October 2013


Eileen Brennan

Stockard Cahnning, Louise Fletcher, Madeline Kahn, Neil Simon, Eileen Brennan, Ann-Margaret, Marsha Mason and Peter Falk - The Cheap Detective (1978) directed by Robert Moore shown clockwise from lower left: Stockard Cahnning, Louise Fletcher, Madeline Kahn, Neil Simon, Eileen Brennan, Ann-Margaret, Marsha Mason center: Peter Falk - United States - Wednesday 26th July 1978

Stockard Cahnning, Louise Fletcher, Madeline Kahn, Neil Simon, Eileen Brennan, Ann-margaret, Marsha Mason and Peter Falk

Lindsay Lohan Wants Thelma And Louise Remake

Lindsay Lohan Ann-Margret Elizabeth Taylor Faye Dunaway Geena Davis Gena Rowlands Gene Tierney Jennifer Lawrence Natural Born Killers Paul Schrader Rita Hayworth Susan Sarandon Thelma And Louise

Lindsay Lohan wants to star in a remake of 'Thelma And Louise' with Jennifer Lawrence.

The 'Mean Girls' actress was so impressed with blonde beauty's ''genius'' performance in this year's 'Hunger Games' movie that she is keen to act alongside her in a remake of the 1991 crime drama - which starred Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon as the titular characters - in a similar style to that of 1994 drama 'Natural Born Killers'.

She wrote on twitter: ''Jennifer Lawrence in ''The Hunger Games'' is genius. I want to do Thelma&Louise w/her but ala Natural Born Killers (style wise) 2 girls-2 guys (sic)''

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Ann-Margret And Actor Roger Smith,

Ann-Margret and Roger Smith - Sunday 29th August 2010 at Emmy Awards 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards (The Emmys) held at the Nokia Theatre - Arrivals Los Angeles, California

Ann-margret and Roger Smith

Old Dogs Review

To call this comedy a disaster is an understatement. It's aggressively awful, and manages to push its worst gags so numbingly off the scale that we're left slack-jawed in disbelief. Amazingly, the cast members just about get out alive.

Charlie and Dan (Travolta and Williams) are old pals and partners as sports publicists. Charlie is a relentless bachelor, teasing Dan about his impulsive, brief Vegas marriage to Vicki (Preston) eight years earlier. What neither of them knows is that Vicki gave birth to Dan's twins (Ella Bleu Travolta and Rayburn), and now she needs him to watch them for two weeks. Nutty antics ensue as these cute kids upset these men's life, dragging them off for a weekend camping trip and of course slowly winning them over in the process.

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Grumpy Old Men Review

Grumpy Old Men, directed with general disinterest by Donald Petrie, is 100 minutes of Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon pulling pranks, calling each other names, complaining and falling in love with Ann-Margret. I am suitably entertained by these things. Whether or not you are will be the deciding factor of what you think of what is ostensibly a geriatric Odd Couple.

Milking a 50-odd year rivalry, John Gustafson (Lemmon) and Max Goldman (Matthau), for reasons where logic dare not tread, live right next to each other in suburban Minnesota. Their lives hinge on very few things: Their kids, fishing, grandkids, fishing, evading tax collectors, fishing, and going to the bait shop to talk with Charlie (Ossie Davis) about fishing. That is when they aren't being a royal pain in each other's asses.

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Lohan Thrilled To Land Film Role Opposite Role Model Ann-margret

Lindsay Lohan Ann-Margret Jack Black

Lindsay Lohan has landed a dream role opposite her heroine Ann-Margret in a new Jack Black comedy.
The actress insists she can't say much about the project, but she simply can't keep quiet about the prospect of working with the Tommy star, who she has emulated for years.
The two redheads met up for a photoshoot in 2006 and Lohan declared Ann-Margret was her ultimate role model. The pair has become firm friends.
And now the Mean Girls star says, "I'm part of a film that Jack Black is involved in that is starting around April, hopefully. We're getting the cast together now.
"I can't say too much. It's a comedy. Ann-Margret is a part of it and I'm very excited (about that).
"One of my favourite movies is her movie Kitten With A Whip. It's a great movie. I just really respect her."

The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause Review

Of the many things I dislike about the Santa Clause series, the one that bothers me the most, the very very most, is this: Now, whenever any of the critics on this site tries to write the name "Santa Claus" they almost invariably spell it "Santa Clause." That extra "e" is absolutely maddening, and it is everywhere I look, unintentionally.

Against all odds, the e-happy Santa Clause series is back with a third installment, which involves Santa (Tim Allen) facing off against the Napoleon-complexed Jack Frost (Martin Short), who's got his eyes on the prize of being the supremo wintertime icon. His idea is to take advantage of a rare "escape clause" which lets Santa step down willingly if he says a certain phrase, so Frost can sieze the big red suit. Naturally, trickery is involved. Apparently Jack Frost is a very bad boy. You can tell by the fright wig hairdo.

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Tales Of The Rat Fink Review

This animated presentation of hot rods as redesigned by artist-specialist Ed Roth (who became the "Big Daddy" of collector cars), will appeal to car lovers, Roth followers, and automotive hobbyists. For those who don't share the obsessive compulsion about wheeled creations, it's a ho-hum but amiable history of Roth's artistry as it evolved from beat-era printed T-shirts trademarked with the green rat fink image to car model kits and auto detailing. With the advent of fiberglass, Roth's inner muse found the freedom to devise new expression in the use of the hot rod as the motif for a unique, award-winning brand of counter-culture sculpture.

Roth's story includes the elements of iconoclastic rebellion and mechanical genius right up to his death in 2001. The film is immersed in animation by Mike Roberts and a CGI boost to animate available archive stills, all of which suggests the rebel's own grand cartoonish style.

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Taxi Review

Meet Belle (Queen Latifah), a classic New York loudmouth with a hunky boyfriend and a dead-end job. By day, she works as a bike messenger, hustling from destination to destination, utilizing garbage truck roofs and crowded department store floors as shortcuts. By night, she spends her time skipping out on dates and transforming her Crown Victoria into supercharged yellow taxicab. After all, if she's going to drive at NASCAR someday, she will need a lot of practice, and if she can win the title as the Big Apple's fastest taxi driver, it might help her chances.

Now, meet Andy Washburn (Jimmy Fallon), a bumbling misfit of a New York City police officer. He screws up nearly every case his lieutenant -- who also happens to be his ex-girlfriend -- throws at him. Most recently, he blew an undercover assignment by getting his partner shot in the arm just before crashing the police car into a street market. His driver's license has been revoked (not that he could ever drive), and now might fight the streets of New York on foot.

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Any Given Sunday Review


There's only about 22 minutes of plot in "Any Given Sunday," Oliver Stone's innovative, bone-crunching ballet of sound and fury football, so lets get that out of the way right now:

Al Pacino stars as the embattled, old-school coach of a fictitious pro football team. Cameron Diaz, is the willful, profit-zealous daughter of the franchise's recently deceased owner. Jamie Foxx is a hotshot young quarterback whose know-it-all attitude and colossal ego threaten team unity. He's just replaced the injured, aging, Elway-esque veteran QB Dennis Quaid, whose compound back injury has spelled curtains for his career -- if only his ruthlessly ambitious, harpy of a wife (Lauren Holly) would accept that fact.

During the last two minutes of the fourth quarter of the Big Playoff Game that serves as the film's climax, each of these characters (especially the selfish ones) will have an epiphany about what's really important in their lives.

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Lohan Brushes Up On Ann-Margret Knowledge

Lindsay Lohan Ann-Margret

Lindsay Lohan has declared legendary singer and actress Ann-Margret as her role model, after only recently discovering the star.

Lohan, 18, is also on track to become a huge success in both the music and movie fields, and she hopes her career will follow that of Swedish-born VIVA LAS VEGAS star Ann-Margret.

She says, "I actually first heard of her because everyone told me I look like her. I started researching her and watching her movies, and she seemed similar to me because she danced and was a singer and an actress."

11/01/2005 09:46

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