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Animal Liberation Orchestra
Fly Between Falls
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Animal Liberation Orchestra Fly Between Falls Album

Jack Johnson, been on the scene what 5 seconds in music terms! Yet he has his own record label. Not only does he have faith in his own style of music, but he promotes other artists in that same category as well. I mean on his tour he had an up an coming talent Matt Costa and not forgetting Animal Liberation Orchestra also on tour. ALO however are now set to release their album on Mr Jack Johnson's record label.

Anyway another acoustic artist (well band) Unfortunately for these guys I think that it is too little too lat. The James Blunt's, Matt Costa's, Daniel Powter's and Jack Johnson's of this world have cornered the market and taken full control. I think that people just get fed up when it becomes every other artist bringing out the same sort of stuff one after another. That's not to say that Animal Liberation Orchestra are not good, because they are, it's just that simple fact.

With the consistency of this album is the sad fact is that there is only one track that jumps out at you and says this is really good. 'Girl I Wanna Lay You Down' has that something else, a bit of a soul feel to it. Get The Temptations together remix it a little and this would most defiantly be a massive hit out there. This is actually featuring Jack Johnson, and if I did not see that on the track list I would not known any better. The vocals are very like Jack Johnson's. 'Barbeque' is a good track with a bit of upbeat ness to it. Then you get to 'Shapeshifter' this is when you wonder if these guys are actually taking themselves seriously. I mean with lyrics such as 'Every now and then I think I'm a piece of clay'. What is that all about, it's going a bit too deep for me. At the same time though this is one of the better songs on the album.

With some OK songs, but at the same time nothing that I can see pulling up any trees, might do well, but as I have said already, there might be too much competition out there for them. Unless you have been on Jack Johnson's European Tour and have been blown away by Animal Liberation Orchestra.

Mark Moore

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