Review of Stone Hits (The Best Of Angie Stone) Album by Angie Stone

Angie Stone
Stone Hits (The Best Of Angie Stone)
Sony Bmg
Uk Release Date Out Now

Angie Stone Stone Hits (The Best Of Angie Stone) Album

Sometimes you have to look at things and say that just ain't right. Here is a woman that sings and writes with the kind of passion that takes your breath away, yet in cross over terms she hasn't even scratched the service, she has to be the R&B worlds greatest kept secret, she is so under-rated by this masses it's sick. But you have to ask yourself why, why a woman that has every bit as much if not more talent than the likes of the oh so talented Alicia Key's, can't really by a chart hit. Welcome to 2005 where image is what drives the record industry. Yes Angie is over-weight, but she is beautiful woman inside and out and in truth has more talent in here little finger than the millions that tried and made the final of X factor, more talent than the entire top 40 of the national chart put together. On this the greatest hits they have all the classic cuts here "Wish I Didn't Miss You", Brotha, the stunning classic "No More Rain", I Wanna Thank Ya", the jaw dropping "Everyday", "More Than A Woman", the real fans favourites "U – Haul" and "Bone 2 Pic". There are noticeable omissions like the original version of "Life Story" for argument sake. If you are already a fan it's nice to have them all on one album plus the remix of Brotha and the amazing new cut "I Wasn't Kidding" that was one of THE tracks at the Southport Weekender. Using Womack and Womack's "Baby I'm scared of you to breathtaking effect. If you are reading this review and thinking what is all the fuss is about then go and buy this album then go back and buy all her albums including those with Devox and Vertical Hold you won't be disappointed.


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