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Angie Dickinson Angered Over Imposter

Angie Dickinson Rio Bravo

Actress Angie Dickinson has warned fans about a prankster posing as the Rio Bravo star on after fielding calls from friends concerned about her well-being.

The 81 year old recently worried her followers when it appeared she had uploaded a message on her social networking account, which read, "When we get drunk, we fall asleep. When we fall asleep, we commit no sin. When we commit no sin, we go to heaven. So, let's all get drunk, and go to heaven!"

However, DICkinson insists she's not the one responsible for the alarming comments and claims an imposter is causing problems for her on the Internet.

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Burt Bacharach: 'Marlene Dietrich Disapproved Of My Marriage To Dickinson'

Marlene Dietrich Burt Bacharach Angie Dickinson

Movie legend Marlene Dietrich was so heartbroken and angry when songwriter Burt Bacharach wed Angie Dickinson, she created voodoo dolls in the actress' likeness and stuck pins into them.

In his memoirs Anyone Who Had a Heart, Bacharach reveals Dietrich fell in love with him when he was her conductor on a singing tour in the late 1950s - but he had no romantic feelings for her.

Unused to not getting what she wanted, the movie great grew bitter when the composer fell in love with DICkinson and wed her in 1965.

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Dickinson 'Brutally Busted' Over Hot Pants Mistake

Angie Dickinson

Former TV siren Angie Dickinson knew it was time to start dressing her age when legendary starmaker IRVING LAZAR berated her for sporting hot pants when she was 40 years old.

The 79 year old was already a movie pin-up when she went on to became a household name after playing a sexy detective in 1970s hit show Police Woman.

But DICkinson realised her time as a sex symbol was coming to an end when agent Lazar laughed at her for wearing sexy shorts.

She reveals on Piers Morgan Tonight, "I got brutally busted and I was about 40 and hot pants came out and I wore them to a nice affair and Irving Lazar said, 'You're too old to wear those'.

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Angie Dickinson, Nichelle Nichols, Stefanie Powers And Linda Evans At The 92Y Promoting The New Season Of PBS Pioneers Of Television

Angie Dickinson, Linda Evans, Nichelle Nichols and Stefanie Powers Sunday 16th January 2011 Angie Dickinson, Nichelle Nichols, Stefanie Powers and Linda Evans at the 92Y promoting the new season of PBS Pioneers of Television New York City, USA

Angie Dickinson, Linda Evans, Nichelle Nichols and Stefanie Powers
Angie Dickinson, Nichelle Nichols and Stefanie Powers
Angie Dickinson
Angie Dickinson

The Hollywood Post Office Station On Wilcox Avenue Is Dedicated To The Memory Of The Late Honorary Mayor Of Hollywood, Johnny Grant.

Angie Dickinson Monday 10th May 2010 The Hollywood Post Office station on Wilcox Avenue is dedicated to the memory of the late honorary mayor of Hollywood, Johnny Grant. Los Angeles, California

Angie Dickinson
Angie Dickinson
Angie Dickinson
Angie Dickinson

Dickinson Speaks Out About Daughter's Death

Angie Dickinson

Actress Angie Dickinson has opened up for the first time about her autistic daughter NIKKI's suicide.
The Ocean's Eleven star agreed to talk about the tragedy to fashion bible Vanity Fair for the publication's January (08) issue.
Nikki, 40, took her own life after battling autism-related Asperger's Syndrome
Her mother says, "I miss Nikki so much, but it was her decision. The world was too harsh a place for her."
DICkinson reveals her daughter was the reason she stepped back from Hollywood's glare at the prime of her acting career.
She adds, "Nikki needed me so strongly. It wasn't a sacrifice. Would I have been out working? Yes, if I didn't have a daughter who needed me."

Stars Line Up To Take Part In Brando Documentary

Marlon Brando James Caan Al Pacino Martin Scorsese Angie Dickinson Edward Norton Dennis Hopper The Godfather

Late, great movie icon Marlon Brando is to be honoured by his friends and peers as part of a new two-part documentary to air on TV in America in May (07).
James Caan, Al Pacino, Martin Scorsese, Angie Dickinson, Edward Norton and Dennis Hopper will join family and friends to reminisce and pay tribute to the ON THE WATERFRONT star in BRANDO.
The revealing documentary will also feature never-before-seen footage of Brando at work and play, and a series of rarely-seen in-depth interviews with the actor.
It will also look at Brando's involvement in civil rights and features interviews with Native American leaders and Black Panther officials, who the movie legend worked with and befriended.
But the real highlight of the documentary, which will air on the Turner Classic Movies network on 1 May and 2 May (07), will be an interview with SACHEEN LITTLEFEATHER, the Native American actress who took the stage at the 1973 Academy Awards to reject Brando's Oscar for The Godfather.

Burt Bacharach's Daughter Commits Suicide

By on 06 January 2007

Burt Bacharach Angie Dickinson Cassidy

The daughter of pop composer Burt Bacharach has committed suicide.

Lea Nikki Bacharach, 40, died on Thursday night at her home in northern Los Angeles, a statement released by Linda Dozoretz, the family's spokesperson said.

"She quietly and peacefully committed suicide to escape the ravages to her brain brought on by Asperger's," Ms Dozoretz said.

Ms Bacharach had suffered from Asperger's syndrome all her life but, unable to cope with the disease, suffocated herself to death using a plastic bag and helium gas.

She was the only child of the marriage between Bacharach and actress Angie Dickinson, who starred in both versions of Ocean's Eleven, Rio Bravo and Point Blank.

Bacharach, 78, is best known for his work in the 1960s and 1970s, when, among other projects, he composed the soundtracks to the original Casino Royale film, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and What's New Pussycat.

He and 75-year-old Dickinson were married between 1965 and 1981.

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Dynasty Producers Wanted Peppard, Loren And Dickinson

A-Team George Peppard Angie Dickinson Sophia Loren John Forsythe Joan Collins Linda Evans

The cast of glitzy 1980s soap DYNASTY could have looked very different if producers had decided to stick with their original stars.
THE A-Team star George Peppard was originally cast as BLAKE CARRINGTON and Angie Dickinson and Sophia Loren were among those on the shortlist to play famous foes CRYSTAL and ALEXIS respectively.
Eventually, John Forsythe landed the role of Blake, Joan Collins played superbitch Alexis and Linda Evans took on the part of Crystal.
Unlike her big-name co-stars, Evans admits the role kick started her career and she'll be forever indebted to DICkinson for turning the part down.
She says, "She's a friend and I adore her but I said to her, 'Thank you so much for being tired.'"
Evans also reveals she shot the Dynasty pilot with Peppard.
She recalls, "After we finished they decided they didn't want to do it - the network and George mutually - and then they gave the part to John Forsythe, who had given me my first speaking part when I was 15."
A Hollywood writer's strike meant the pilot wasn't reshot - with Forsythe as Carrington - for a year.

Dickinson Fights For Alzheimer's Cure

Angie Dickinson

Actress Angie Dickinson has launched a one-woman crusade to find a cure for memory-robbing Alzheimer's disease as a tribute to her late sister. The POLICE WOMAN star's sister, MARY LOU BELMONT, battled the insidious illness for 20 years before she passed away in December (05) - and now DICkinson is planning a major Alzheimer's awareness campaign to make sure her sibling didn't suffer in vain. The actress, 74, plans to testify in front of Congress in a desperate bid to prompt politicians to find more cash to fund research. She says, "I know she (sister) didn't die in vain and that's a blessing. It's because of her that I became involved. "Mary Lou's legacy is that she increased our awareness and so many more people now know what a tragic disease this is." More than 100,000 Americans succumb to Alzheimer's every year.

Pay It Forward Review

The very idea behind Pay It Forward -- that when someone does an enormous good deed for you should pay it "forward" to three other, unsuspecting persons -- requires what is described in the film as "an extreme act of faith in the goodness of people."

It's safe to say that your enjoyment of the film is bound by this same rule. Dyed-in-the-wool film critics like myself have been down this road once or twice before, and the enormous leap of faith it takes to convince oneself that, deep down, even "bad" people are good makes me want to reach for my DVD of A Clockwork Orange.

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Rio Bravo Review

Dean Martin as "Dude the Drunk," eh? Why not -- it works in Rio Bravo a favorite among Western enthusiasts that nonetheless is far too long, spending too long setting up the story before getting to the powerful finale. Wayne is good, but Dean-o steals the show along with Walter Brennan's crusty jailkeeper, who owns every scene he's in. A definitive piece of Americana by way of Howard Hawks, Rio Bravo is what the late 1950s studio system was all about.
Angie Dickinson

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