Review of It Hurts Single by Angels And Airwaves

Angels & Airwaves
It Hurts
Single Review

Angels And Airwaves It Hurts Single

Hands up how many of you actually admit to owning a Blink 182 record?

Oh come on, there must be at least one of you.

The law of averages actually suggests there are probably several people out there who've purchased numerous artefacts of the aforementioned trio, as their countless platinum sales will testify to.

The thing is though, once you've reached the age of about 14, Blink 182 no longer seem relevant and a casual look back through one's record and CD collection is usually met with a sigh of embarrassment at some of the "gems" you once spent your hard earned pocket money (but now wish you hadn't have done) on.

And so a late twenty-something Tom DeLonge, bored with the fact that even the tiniest of minds can only take so many "humorous" punk pop songs about girls and boys' private parts finally decides its time to grow up and get serious, and here's the result.

You see, Angels & Airwaves aren't bad – well not in the musical competency stakes at any rate. They're just dull, dull, insipidly DULL and if this is DeLonge's way of rewarding his previous incarnation's fans who've taken the first steps out of adolescence into maturity then he really needs to take a long, hard look at himself in the mirror. Fully clothed of course, because this is the kind of MOR soft rock that gives adult orientated rock a bad name. Now someone pass me the sick bucket…

Dom Gourlay

Label: Geffen

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