Angelina Jolie's appearance at last night's Oscars ceremony has quickly become one of the most talked about moments of this year's awards. Not to be outdone by the alleged unveiling of a small part of Jennifer Lopez' nipple, Angelina Jolie let her legs do the talking last night. Her right leg, specifically.
Dressed in a striking, strapless, black velvet Versace Atelier gown, the daring thigh-length slit in the dress meant that Angelina's pale right leg was on display for the entire evening, from the tips of her toes, to the top of her thigh. According to the Daily Mail, even when the weight of the dress threatened to sway to one side and cover the leg, Jolie spent a few moments rearranging it for photos, making sure photographers got the full length of the leg in shot. And when she presented the award for Best Adapted Screenplay, her behaviour became even more bizarre. The Changeling star posed onstage with one hand on her hip and her leg cocked at an angle, ensuring that once more it was on full display, for people to enjoy before she presented the award to Nat Faxon, Jim Rash and Alexander Payne of The Descendants, who promptly mocked her pose once they took to the stage.
Talking backstage, the award winners explained why they had chosen to mock Angelina onstage: "She's supremely hot," said Faxon. "And Jim did the leg first and he didn't tell us, tell me, so I had to like quickly adapt, but, yeah, so I'll let him know the inspiration." Jim Rash added "I just saw her pose and I thought, you know what, we have exactly the same legs and I wanted to show everyone what it meant. It was a loving tribute. It was more like, oh, she's standing, great, I'm going to stand like that, too."