Angelina Jolie is keen to turn her new spy character EVELYN SALT into the new Jason Bourne, and return to the big screen for a series of sequels.
The actress admits she thoroughly enjoyed playing the tough agent-on-the-run in Salt and hopes the film is a success when it hits cinemas later this month (Jul10), so she can come back for more.
She says, "I think if we can keep up the mystery and find another really great story, I'll be back.
"Salt is really fun in that she's got so much depth because of her childhood and her life and a lot of what she's gone through. She's nicely complex. I love the possibility of the different disguises and different personalities and accents. It's kind of like a playground for an actor, that kind of role."
Jolie bailed on the Tomb Raider franchise after two movies and refused to return for a planned Wanted sequel - because her character died in the first film.
She adds, "Being dead makes it difficult. The producers were working on how to bring me back to life, but I kind of feel like if I die in a movie I should die."