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Hey, calm downFirst of all you don't know if it is true or not. The tabbies make up all kind of crap about celebrities - they have to sell them after all. And even if it is true - this is a family of 5 with possible future expansions. This is also a very sought after family i.e. in need of tough security because of the possibility of kidnapping or just an attack by a hater like you for example... I would be surprised. This world is full of people jelous of other people's success and happiness. In the case of these two - some people are just determined to hate them - if they give money, they say it is not enough. If they don't - then they are selfish. There is no win with you people! What about those celebrities who DONT GIVE ANYTHING??By the way - read the news on Yahoo today - the couple have just donated 2 million dollars to 2 charities - and this is just the opening act to their new foundation.Shame on people like you who mock the good people do and always look for conspiracy or a secret agenda. At the end of the day - people will get fed, hospitals will get built. Who cares who gets what publicity?

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