Angelina Jolie's kids eat crickets as their favourite snack, reports E! 

There's not too much normal about the Brad Pitt /Angelina Jolie family, with kids from around the world to the jet-set lifestyle they enjoy, or endure. And from the very big lifestyle differences, to their simply diet, the Brangelinas are just a bit odd, as Jolie has revealed that her kids' favourite snack is fried crickets.

Speaking to E! she said her boys discovered the delights of crickets while on a trip to Maddox's homeland, Cambodia. "My boys love to eat crickets. It's their favorite thing," Jolie said. "They ate them like Doritos... I had to actually ban the cricket eating at some point, because I was afraid they were gonna get sick from too many. But they're good-they are like a potato chip."

Recently Jolie has been working on Malificent, a spin off of the classic Disney cartoon Sleeping Beauty. She plays the central antagonist and titular character, and making a family affair, she had some of her kids including Vivienne Jolie-Pit join in. Despite post production having begun last October, Malificent wont reach cinemas until June 2014! Jolie doesn't have any other features in the pipeline but hubby Brad Pitt has a great year ahead of him with roles in Steve McQueen's Twelve Years a Slave and World  War Z on the way.