Angelina Jolie and her father Jon Voight spent over a decade not speaking to each other following the latter's belief that the 36 year-old suffered from mental problems, while for her part the actress criticised him for having an affair when married to her mother.

Yet last year they finally made amends and, talking to the Daily Mail, Voight opened up about the reconciliation, the 72 year-old telling the paper, "I suddenly saw things differently and everything shifted. That one moment changed my whole life."

Voight, whose most famous role came back in 1969 as a would-be gigolo in the ACADEMY AWARD winning 'Midnight Cowboy,' went on to say "It gave me back my daughter and my family. Being reunited with my Angie is very precious to me." Jolie of course has three adopted children from Cambodia, Ethiopia and Vietnam respectively, choices that have caused controversy in some quarters. Yet Voight also revealed he felt nothing but delight at the new bonds he'd established with his adopted grandchildren in the wake of his new relationship with his daughter.

"I adore my grandchildren, they are my great love. It makes me so emotional and grateful. When my daughter sees me with them she says she sees another energy in me which takes over" the veteran actor insisted, "I'm always laughing and completely happy when I'm with them. It makes Angie so happy too, as you can imagine."