Angelina Jolie has taken a break from her movie filming duties to visit the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sky News reports. The Hollywood actress has made the visit with the British Foreign Secretary, William Hague, after meeting him in London last year and launching the Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative in the UK. The aim of their visit is to end the “impunity” that rapists receive when they commit the crime in warzones.

Speaking to the press, Jolie explained “It's often that we speak about the drama and the pain and the horrors of the Congo but it's also a wonderful place with extraordinary people. The big message is that this initiative started by the Foreign Secretary is extraordinary, but what we're here to do is to try to scale it up and make this a worldwide focus.” Jolie also explained that the issue is by no means confined to the DRC. “It's been going on in every war, every crisis and it's often an afterthought - and it's due time to end this, and put an end to impunity, and they deserve it.”

The subject is a familiar one to Jolie, who recently made the movie In The Land of Blood And Honey, which included a controversial depiction of the rape camps in Bosnia-Herzegovina, during its time of ethnic cleansing. She has also worked for several years as a UN High Commissioner for Refugees Special Envoy. 

Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie: Pictured here at the 'Women in the World' Summit, 2012