We’re surprised that even without all the other children being too afraid of Angelina Jolie in her Maleficent makeup that her daughter Vivienne wasn’t the first choice to play young Princess Aurora. The beautiful little tot is billed to play young Princess Aurora in mum Angelina’s new flick, Disney’s Maleficent. The older Aurora will be played by Dakota Fanning’s young sister, Elle Fanning, and we have to admit, Vivienne Jolie-Pitt could definitely pass for a younger Elle!  Very lucky for the casting directors, eh?

Angelina Jolie Maleficent
Angelina's youngest daughter Vivienne will appear alongside her in Maleficent

Angelina admitted that Vivienne got the role as “The other 3- and 4-year-old performers wouldn’t come near me. It had to be a child that liked me and wasn’t afraid of my horns and my eyes and my claws. So it had to be Viv”. We wonder whether Angelina’s scary costume will also be a bit too scary for younger movie goers? Maleficent has been rated PG but it does look as though little ones may be in for a shock when they see Angelina’s terrifying makeup.

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Even Jolie’s son Pax was too afraid to go near his mother while she had her full costume on. Jolie says “When Pax saw me for the first time, he ran away and got upset - and I thought he was kidding, so I was pretending to chase him until I actually found him crying. I had to take off pieces of the makeup in front of him to show him it was all fake and not freak out so much”. Poor Pax! We’d love to have seen Angelina chasing around her son thinking that they were playing a game and then realising that he was actually truly afraid of her!

Elle Fanning MaleficentElle Fanning in 'Maleficent'

Jolie’s daughter Vivienne isn’t the only child out of the Jolie-Pitt clan to feature in the movie. Both Pax and Zahara, who are two of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s adopted children, also appear as extras in the christening scene. Jolie explained “We think it’s fun for our kids to have cameos and join us on set, but not to be actors”. Maybe now that Vivienne has a taste for it she’ll end up following in the footsteps of her famous parents.

Maleficent is due for release on May 30th and we just can’t wait. Rather than the usual focus on Princess Aurora AKA Sleeping Beauty, the story of Maleficent, who is the evil witch in the 1959 Disney classic, is told. The movie looks into the early days of Maleficent’s life, and delves into why she becomes the malevolent sorceress that she is fated to be.

Watch the trailer for Maleficent right here: