No one can deny that Angelina Jolie is one very hard working woman. She’s a film star, mother to a massive brood and a humanitarian regularly involved with the UN. To the casual observer, Jolie doesn’t have much time for anything else in her life, you know, other than perhaps being the president. We’re pretty sure she could fit that into her schedule.

Angelina Jolie PresidentWe'd like to live in a world where Angelina Jolie was president

Good Morning America host George Stephanopoulos has been chatting to the Maleficent star about the possibility that she could run for office. He first asked her the question nine years ago, back in 2005. At the time Jolie had denied any intention to run for office. Why? “I have way too many skeletons,” she told the host. We’re just wondering here, where these skeletons real or metaphorical? Jolie was a bit of a goth once upon a time, she may actually be referring to some skeletons she owned whose maintenance kept her far too busy to run for office.

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Nine years later Stephanopoulos has broached the topic again, asking Jolie if she has changed her mind/managed to get rid of those pesky skeletons. Jolie’s answer this time? “I wonder if by now my skeletons are out. They’re probably all out.” Out where? Has she managed to put them into some sort of care home for skeletons? OK, we’ll start being serious now.

The actress continued, “You know, if I thought I’d be effective, I would. But I’m not sure if I would ever be taken seriously in that way, and be able to be effective.” 38 year old Jolie seems a far more plausible candidate to us than some politicians. For example, when Arnold Schwarzenneger first began dabbling in politics we were all, “Hey, why’s Kindergarten Cop the Governor of California?” We’re still not even sure why most British politicians are allowed any sort of power, so Angelina actually seems like a pretty fair bet to us.

She’s hardworking and truly dedicated to helping people, which is a lot more than can be said for most politicians. Her CV has all the credentials, as well. She’s been an envoy for the UN on several occasions and is a former UN Goodwill Ambassador. Next month she’s set to team up with William Hague to co-host a summit aimed at ceasing sexual violence in conflict zones.

Angelina Jolie PresidentAngelina has dedicated a lot of her time to humanitarian work

We’d quite like to live in a world where Angelina Jolie was the president. She’d certainly be the most attractive president in the history of all the presidents…apart from Abe Lincoln that is.

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