Angelina Jolie kept banging into things on the 'Maleficent' set.

The actress' elaborate costume as the wicked fairy in the 'Sleeping Beauty' spin-off took weeks to put together, with her pointy horns proving especially tricky since they kept falling off and were so heavy she initially crashed around the set headfirst.

The United Nations ambassador told ''The creation of it took a little time, to figure out how to do the horns and how to get them on my head and how to get them to stay. We used my hair in braids to nail it down. It was a head piece, with the horns. It wasn't like a headband.

''We'd put my hair in these little balls, and then you'd put the head piece over and pull the braids through, and you'd use that to anchor it. We had different horns. At first, they were too heavy. And then, we got them softer.

''We had some that would snap off because I kept banging into things. It all slowly came together. We tried different things, and some of the things didn't work. We had feather hair, at one point. We went that crazy.''

Angelina, 38, would consider reprising the role in a follow-up Disney film because she had such a great time embracing the multi-faceted villainous character.

Quizzed whether she'd like to return for a sequel, she replied: ''Nobody has asked me about that. I don't know. I can't imagine. I'm not dead, at the end of it. She's still there. I don't know. I loved playing her.''