Angelina Jolie's former stunt double has asked for the phone hacking legal battle between herself and bosses at media giant News Corp. to be moved to a California court, so it will be easier for the actress to take the witness stand if necessary.

The Salt star's former sidekick, Eunice Huthart, is suing bosses at Rupert Murdoch's company for hacking into her voicemail to intercept messages left for her by the movie superstar, and she has asked for the trial to be moved from the U.K. to California, to accommodate Jolie and other potential witnesses.

In legal papers, her lawyers state, "Some of Plaintiff's potential witnesses who are involved with her and/or (Huthart's company) Pump Fitness, such as Ms. Jolie, are located in California."

Huthart hit headlines in 2012, when it was revealed her privacy had been compromised after a private detective working for the now-defunct tabloid News of the World intercepted the voicemail messages left for her by celebrity friends and clients between 2000 and 2006.

Huthart filed her lawsuit in June (13).