Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have apparently been keeping Pitt's past as former husband of Jennifer Aniston quiet to their six children - surely an impossible task given that Aniston is one of the most famous faces in the world, so much so that she recently had her own star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame unveiled. With Maddox, the couple's eldest son, being 10 years old too you'd surely think he'd have picked up a thing or two about Pitt's past by now.
Apparently not however, according to OK! Magazine who are running with this story as their front cover in their forthcoming issue. Maddox was apparently perusing an article on Aniston, maybe the first time he's ever seen her, maybe not - who knows, when his father walked in and the child asked him a seemingly innocent question about who she was. The next episode of this story is like something out of a film; thinking no one was around, recent Oscar nominee Pitt leant down to his son and, claimed a source, "basically just told Maddox the truth: that Jennifer was a woman he loved very much and was once married to, but that's when Angelina walked in." Of course it was.
Apparently having overheard, Jolie was furious - and the whole issue almost put a wedding that's been six years in the making on hold. Continuing, the source said "Brad thought he had taken all necessary precautions and never suspected the kids would learn about his past by coming across a story about Jennifer." Short of moving out to live with the Amish community we really do wonder quite how he was going to keep it quiet.