Angelina Jolie landed in Libya on Tuesday (11Oxct11) to help aid agencies bring in supplies to the country.
The Oscar-winner is visiting Tripoli and Misrata for a two-day trip as part of her role as a United Nations (U.N.) goodwill ambassador to see how aid is getting to the rebels and ordinary citizens following the removal of dictator Muammar Gaddafi's 41-year regime in September (11).
Jolie insisted it was an honour for her to witness a country fighting for change.
She tells the Associated Press, "I have come to Libya for a variety of reasons, to see a country in transition at every level and to witness efforts to fully realise the promise of the Arab Spring.
"The country faces a host of challenges, including internally displaced people, refugees, rule of law, security, sanitation, education, health and other humanitarian needs. All of these pieces must be delivered and co-ordinated properly in an environment of reconciliation and justice.
"I will be meeting with officials from all sides but above all, listening to the local people in the street. I am here to express solidarity with them. It is the work of rebuilding and recovery that will determine Libya's future."
Jolie previously met with Libyan refugees who had fled to Malta and the tiny Italian island of Lampedusa in June (11).