The newly released trailer for Disney's 'Maleficent' sends a chill down the viewer's spine as Angelina Jolie has never looked so evil and nasty, playing the cold-hearted Queen in the new adaptation of Walt Disney's 1959 animation 'Sleeping Beauty'.

Angelina Jolie as the evil 'Maleficent'

Unlike previous versions of the famed tale, this Robert Stromberg-directed fantasy depicts a prequel and "untold story" of one of Disney's most villainous characters ever. Jolie portrays how the Queen became heartless and the events that led her to cursing young Princess Aurora (played by Elle Fanning).

The new trailer, which premiered at Sunday's (Jan 26th) Grammy Awards, is set Lana Del Rey's cover of 'Once Upon A Dream' and shows the wicked witch's long black gown covering her icy, pale complexion which highlight her villainous and evil spirit perfectly.

Watch the trailer for 'Maleficent' here

Princess Aurora is also introduced as a blonde haired, rosy cheeked, innocent young girl who is captured by the vengeful Queen and tricks the girl into pricking her finger on the infamous spindle. Jolie warns Fanning, "There is evil in this world, hatred, and revenge."

The trailer also sees numerous characters and knights leaving the castle and heading for battle, but their opponents can only be described as unearthly creates when descending from the dark forest.

Elle Fanning
Elle Fanning as 'Princess Aurora'

While filming last year, Fanning caught up with E!News to discuss about working alongside one of Hollywood's most revered leading ladies.

"Angelina Jolie, she's just incredible," she gushed. "Meeting her and getting to watch her, she just looks amazing. She has these cheekbones and these horns. It's really, really beautiful."

Watch the previous teaser trailer for 'Maleficent' here

The 15 year-old also said her favourite part about starring in a Disney fairy-tale was "getting to be a Disney princess; it's just incredible. I had the long hair and the dresses. It was all magical, the whole world. It's great."

'Maleficent' hits theatres on May 30th 2014.

Elle Fanning
Princess Aurora looking at the infamous spindle