Earlier this month, Angelina Jolie made the emotional revelation that undergoing surgery to remove her ovaries and fallopian tubes earlier this year had triggered the early onset of menopause. However, in a new interview she says that she’s coping well with the change in her life.

Speaking to Australian outlet The Daily Telegraph in an interview published on Sunday (November 22nd), the 40 year old actress said “I actually love being in menopause… I haven't had a terrible reaction to it, so I'm very fortunate. I feel older, and I feel settled being older.”

Angelina JolieAngelina Jolie at the premiere of 'By The Sea'

Jolie elected to undergo the surgery back in March in order to head off the threat of ovarian cancer, the disease that claimed the life of her mother, Marcheline Bertrand. This was in addition to the preventive double mastectomy she had in 2013 to the same end.

“I feel happy that I've grown up,” the mother of six added, speaking about the impact that it had had on her life. “I don't want to be young again.”

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As for her relationship with her husband, absolutely nothing has changed since the two surgeries. 51 year old Pitt “made it very, very clear to me that what he loved and what was a woman to him was somebody who was smart, and capable, and cared about her family, that it's not about your physical body.”

In another exchange with People, Jolie elaborated upon this, saying: “I wouldn't want to be in my 20s or 30s again. I'm someone who didn't think I would live very long. I've been worried about death and cancer and life. I think I've lived very much for the day. Now I've settled into my life with my children and Brad.”

Jolie also said that the choices that she had made affected the direction of her latest movie By The Sea, a project that saw her work with her husband Brad Pitt for the first time since they met on the set of 2005 spy flick re-make Mr & Mrs. Smith.

“[The film] was written before I had the mastectomy. And then when I realized I was shooting the film, it did cross my mind to cut certain things,” she said, such as the film's topless scene. “But I felt that was the wrong thing to do. That's hiding something, and I just don't believe in that. And then during the edit I got the call that I might have cancer and had to have my ovaries removed.”

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