Angelina Jolie described the difficulties of acting alongside her 4-year-old daughter Vivienne whilst in Maleficent and how Vivienne was the only child she knew who didn’t cry when they saw her in her Maleficent costume.

Angelina Jolie Maleficent

Jolie explained how she had not wanted her daughter in the film for the sake of being in a role but because Vivienne was the only child who didn’t cry when she saw Jolie as Maleficent! Speaking to the BBC, Jolie said Vivienne is “in two scenes, they’re cute little scenes – but I’m her mom,” adding “It wasn’t that I wanted her in a film, it was out of necessity.”

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Jolie was recently interview by the BBC and discussed how Maleficent was one of her favourite characters whilst growing up. She said “I did like her, I liked her more than I liked sleeping beauty. Sleeping beauty, in that version in the 50s, was a 1950s princess waiting for a prince charming to save her. I thought Maleficent was so elegant and powerful and deliciously wicked.”

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The 38-year-old spoke to E! about her latest role in Maleficent and working with her young daughter whilst on set. Vivienne joined Jolie on set in order to play Princess Aurora as a small child but Vivienne had other plans and entirely different work schedule from her mother and the rest of the team. Jolie said "The idea of doing something more than once and doing it when you're told—no 4-year-old isn't going to do what you tell them to do anyway."

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The mother of six explained how she had to entice Vivienne to act as all her daughter wanted to do was play! Jolie said "Just like any 4-year-old, she always skips around, she always collects flowers, she always collects butterflies. But when she's supposed to, she just didn't want to.” Jolie further explained how she had to dangle a butterfly on a pole in front of her daughter to make Vivienne stay still whilst acting. It was even a family affair as Brad Pitt and her brothers and sisters were roped in to help Jolie coach her daughter. Jolie stated "So Brad and I, and her brothers and sisters, were all there, and I had to get the pole with the blue stick on the end that was the butterfly and I had to kind of dance in front of her.”

See Angelina Jolie and Vivienne in Maleficent from 28th May (UK) and 30th May (USA).

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