Angelina Jolie has claimed that she never meant to write and direct her own film. Angelina Jolie will be debuting 'In the Land of Blood and Honey' later this month.

The movie centres on a Bosnian Muslim woman during the Bosnian War of the 1990s who falls in love with a Serbian policeman. As the Bosnian women are forced into camps, the policeman brings her to the prison that's under his command, even though his true loyalties are tested. Talking to NY Daily News, Jolie stated: 'I never intended to write and direct a film. But after going to a lot of countries over 10 years and meeting people post-conflict in places like Afghanistan or Darfur, where the question of intervention comes up, I wanted to express a story [about] how war changes people. It's not just simply about war. It's about how human beings break down when surrounded by such ugliness and hate. And how decent people can be broken.'

The 36-year old actress has already been named a goodwill ambassador with the UN Refugee Agency. She was recently voted as the tenth sexiest woman of all time by readers of Men's Health. However Jolie will probably be quick to shrug off the accolade as ironically the woman who actually topped the poll was ex-wife of BRADD PITT, 'Friends' star JENNIFER ANISTON.