Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are often cited as one of Hollywood's golden couples, but when they're buying each other gifts like this, who can really be surprised. According to reports, initially reported by The Mirror, Angelina shelled out a tidy sum on her man, spending more than $20 million on his own private island off the coast of New York City.

Pitt Jolie
For Christmas, Brad will either get a dinosaur or a unicorn

The private escape, known as Petra and found 50-miles from the Big Apple, was apparently bought by Ange for Brad's 50th birthday for a reported $24 million. The island features two properties on it, both designed by renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright, who Brad is said to be a massive fan of. Upon discovering that a heart-shaped island was for sale, one that featured buildings designed by Wright, Angelina had to put in an offer, one that has since been accepted.

"She arranged a viewing. She was really impressed," a source close to the purchase told the British paper. "The house is perfect for romantic getaways or as a family retreat. It’s very private. And Angelina knows the fact the island is in the shape of a heart will mean so much to him."

Ange and Brad WWZ
Angelina was apparently blown away by the property

Brad turns 50 on 18 December, so we can only apologise for potentially ruining what would be an amazing surprise, but we doubt he will be too annoyed at finding out early, after all, he does own an island now. Angelina's next big birthday isn't for another two years, when she will turn 40, so its probably time for Brad to get brainstorming and come up with a gift as extravagant as Petra, because diamonds probably won't cut it this time.

Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt
No wonder they're always so happy