The Pitt/Jolie clan are in Tokyo to promote Brad Pitt's new film World War Z to Japanese fans, having landed at Haneda airport on Sunday. Brad was out to promote his all-guns-blazing zombie World War Z on the red carpet to thousands of fans but his partner Angelina Jolie had a separate motive.

Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie: Caring For The People.

38 year-old Jolie took the opportunity to present Japanese fans with a good cause - the issue of sexual violence in war zones. She used her position as special envoy for the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees to speak at a special screening event at the U.N. University in Tokyo at the screening of her 2011 directed film In the Land of Blood and Honey. Jolie said she hoped her film would raise awareness and inspire her fans to take action. According to the Associated Press, as reported by USA Today, "Our aim must be to shatter impunity, so that rape can no longer be used as a weapon of war anywhere in the world as it was in Bosnia, and as it is today from Congo to Syria."

Brad Pitt
Brad: Proud Of His Wife.

The anti-sexual violence campaigner, who has recently undergone a mastectomy, spoke of her journey making the film which is set during the Bosnian war: "When I started down the road, making this film, I thought only of telling a story and doing my best to try to give a voice to survivors. But today I am here not only as a director, but as a campaigner, and a part of a global effort that is growing every day."

Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Support Each Other In Their Work.

The family made their most of their time in the far east, having taken three of their six children on a trip which saw Brad and Angelina entertain fans at the premiere of World War Z; a film which has been generally positively reviewed in countries of release. Angelina's efforts show that she is neither a trophy girlfriend nor someone who believes change can be made by retweeting a cause, choosing to take control of the situation herself to generate good.