Angelina Jolie has hardly built herself a reputation as a prude but recent reports suggest that the Mrs and Mrs star has banned her kids from listening to Rihanna's raunchy music. According to Star magazine, Ange caught her son Pax laughing along to some of Rihanna's lyrics in the song 'Birthday Cake.' She was particularly upset that he'd caught on to Rhi Rhi's curse words. A source reportedly said Angelina is wary of her children growing up too fast, as she did.
The source told the magazine "Pax was singing the lyrics to Birthday Cake and laughing hysterically at the curse words. Angie grew up pretty fast and she wants her kids to avoid that same mistake." There are no hard feelings between Rhi Rhi and Brangelina though; with Rihanna rumoured to be headlining a special Olympics party, held in London, for Angelina and Brad Pitt. It seems that what's good for mum and dad isn't necessarily good for the kids when it comes to their choices in pop music.
Rihanna, meanwhile, has been relaxing at home in Barbados. It was sad news that brought the singer home. Her grandmother Dolly passed away and she flew back to the island so that she could attend the funeral. She's making the most of her time in the Caribbean though and is pictured enjoying a spot of watersports, before heading back to the studio. She is currently working on her next album, which is expected to include collaborations with Ne Yo and LABRINTH.