Angelina Jolie is big in Hollywood – even after a double mastectomy forced her to go off the radar earlier this year, the actress remains one of the most sought after – and well-paid – movie stars these days. Exactly how well paid Jolie is, was revealed recently by Forbes. The website placed the Mr. and Mrs. Smith actress at the top of their chart of biggest female earners in the movie business, due in large part to the lucrative deal for her upcoming Disney flick, Maleficent. According to Forbes, Angelina nabbed a paycheck upwards of $15 million for the project, which, along with the rest of her earnings, totaled up to $33 million between June 2012 and June 2013. Not a bad job for someone, who has been on hiatus for half the year.

Angelina Jolie, World War Z Premiere
Jolie came back bigger than ever this year.

Meanwhile, the indisputable breakout star of 2012, Jennifer Lawrence, took second place with about $26 million. At 22, the Hunger Games actress has already achieved unparalleled success, including an Academy Award for her role in Silver Linings Playbook and roles in two blockbuster franchises – X-Men and, of course, The Hunger Games. The next installment in the HG franchise is due for a November release, and while Lawrence only earned 1 million for the movie, which went on to gross $690 million, her paycheck has been dramatically increased the second time around.

Jennifer Lawrence, Cannes
Jennifer Lawrence burst onto the scene in a matter of months.

Third on the list is last year’s winner, Kristen Stewart, whose earnings have seen a significant drop since the end of the Twilight franchise. The actress now leans towards more low-profile roles in indie movies, which might be a good creative decision, but sees her steadily dropping off the “biggest earners” list.

Kristen Stewart, Camp X
Stewart is opting for lower-profile, indie flicks these days.