Angelina Jolie's ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton has been deemed a "dream celebrity bang" by actress Katherine Heigl.

The former ROSWELL beauty, 26, admits that she finds 49-year-old Thornton extremely enticing.

She tells FHM, "I down with Billy Bob Thornton. He has tremendous sex appeal because he's the kind of guy who probably looks a woman in the eye when he's talking to her and makes her feel important.

"Johnny Knoxville has that appeal, too. He's hot, but it's an odd thing, because he's also completely out of his mind."

Heigl, who was raised Mormon, also has more good news for Thornton - she has an insatiable appetite for sex.

She adds, "Oh darlin', there is never enough sex. The guy I'm dating now is just fan-f***ing-tastic in bed that half the time I just want to leave the handcuffs on and say, 'I've got to run a few errands, but don't you move - I'll be back!'

"I feel that everybody deserves fantastic sex and should settle for no less. I work hard, I deserve it."

13/10/2004 09:09