Chatter about the new Ang Lee film, Life of Pi, has been deafening of late, with the build-up to the long awaited novel adaptation hitting cinemas across the UK today (Dec 21). With three Golden Globe nominations already, and a barrage of positive feedback still coming in, it's easy to see why so many are talk so highly of this 'unfilmable' film.

But should you really dedicate two hours of your life to a film about a young Indian boy floating in a boat with a tiger? Here's a quick list of pros and cons on why you should, or shouldn't, go see Life of Pi.

Pro: It has three Golden Globe nominations already.

Thats one for Best Motion Picture - Drama, Best Director and Best Original Score, which lets face it, aren't exactly the boogie prizes of the night. This recognition reflects some of the lashings of positive feedback it is receiving from the press too. "beautiful," "wise," "miraculous" - and thats just from one review (Empire).

Con: Not everybody has responded positively to the film.

"Despite some lovely images and those eyepopping effects, it is a shallow and self-important shaggy-dog story - or shaggy-tiger story - and I am bemused by the saucer-eyed critical responses it's been getting." Ouch! Thats what Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian has to say about the film anyway, and he's not the only one to bemoan the film. But hey, 9/10 ain't bad.

Pro: 2012 is due a good film adaption.

On The Road, The Hobbit and Cloud Atlas - all big name titles that were brought to the big screen this year, most of which have been largely shunned or ignored. Usually, we get one really good book adaption every year, and perhaps Life of Pi can be that film for 2012. Or, it could be just life the other three.

Con: How often are film adaptions any good?

A play on from the last one admittedly, but seriously, even when you take those three 2012 adaptations away from the equation, how many great books are made into great, or even good movies? Remember Watchmen? Or Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas? Average films at best that do no justice to the books that inspired them whatsoever. Why see the film when you can read the book after all?

Pro/Con: to finish, heres another doubled edged one: the world didn't end today. It was supposed to, and unless the Apocalypse runs on its own clock or is running late, then the Mayans were wrong. So why not celebrate the fact that we've probably got another few thousand years left on Earth by seeing a film, or doing something a little more life-affirming. The world is, still, your oyster.

Life of Pi is in cinemas now.