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"There's Too Much Violence On Tv" Says On-screen Hardman Ray Winstone

Ray Winstone has carved out a career by being a tough guy on screen, starring in such violent capers as Scum, Love, Honor and Obey and more recently in the big screen adaption of The...

Aneurin Barnard Defends The White Queen Over Historical Inaccuracies

The White Queen star Aneurin Barnard has defended the Tv show's historical inaccuracies after the drama was criticised by viewers who spotted mistakes.The Bbc drama, which is based on Philippa Gregory's 2009 novel of the...

Aneurin Barnard Had Nightmares After Richard Iii's Bones Were Found

Aneurin Barnard began having nightmares about Richard Iii after the English monarch's bones were found while the actor was filming his role in The White Queen.The 26-year-old Welshman plays Richard Iii in the historical Tv...

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