British actor Andy Serkis can speak 'gorilla' after learning about the animal in preparation for his lead role in the remake of classic monster movie King Kong.

London-born Serkis can also accompany the gorilla talk with bodily actions since spending time observing the creatures in the wild in African country Rwanda.

He says, "In life there are about 17 gorilla vocalisations. If a family were here eating their lunch they'd go (leaning forward with a curved back and balled fists) 'Mmmmrrrrrrrr!' To say, 'I'm okay.'

"If a gorilla is reprimanding another it goes (slapping chest with palms) 'Mhhh! O-h-h! O-h-h!'

The Lord Of The Rings actor hopes film-watchers will appreciate the finer details in the animal's behaviour, which has been so carefully researched.

He adds, "I don't know if that's going to register with an audience, but it's what I'm talking about with the marriage of what gorillas are and what Kong is."