Andy Serkis gets ''pretty sweaty'' working in motion capture suits.

The 'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes' star finds it ''liberating'' taking on digitally-enhanced roles because he can be ''anything'', but admits there are some downsides.

He said: ''After a few hours in the suit it gets pretty sweaty so no one really wants to be standing next to me.

''Seriously though, it's liberating and I love it as a way of working because it allows you to play literally anything.

''And it does require huge cajones to get up and do it actually because on a digital set you have to do a lot of your work internally and use your imagination.''

Andy spent a lot of time studying gorillas and apes for his work in the 'Planet of the Apes' movies and had a scary encounter with one primate.

He recalled to Loaded magazine: ''When I was working at London Zoo there were four gorillas.

''The male was called Bobby and he didn't like me very much because I'd formed a relationship with one of the female gorillas. I've actually got this moment on camera where he's eyeballing me in a threatening way.

''He's engaging me and looking straight into my eyes while gathering a pile of stones together... And suddenly he threw handfuls of them right into the lens of my camera.''