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The Railway Man Review


A terrific true story is oddly underplayed in this sober, sedate drama about reconciliation and making peace with the past. Strikingly complex performances from Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman help give the film some deeper resonance, even if even it all seems rather under-powered. But the force of emotion in the events makes the film worth a look.

In 1980 Scotland, railway expert Eric (Firth) has defined his entire life by trains. During the Second World War, he was captured by the Japanese and put into forced-labour to build a railway in Thailand. And more recently he met his wife Patti (Kidman) on a train journey. But their marriage starts to collapse when Eric refuses to face up to his torture at the hands of his wartime captors all those years ago, so Patti turns to his war-veteran pal Finlay (Skarsgard) for help. Eventually, Eric makes the difficult decision to return to Thailand and confront his tormenter Nagase (Sanada).

A more Hollywood-style film would play out as a build-up to roaring vengeance, but director Teplitzky internalises the tone, showing us past events in extensive flashbacks as the young Eric and Finlay (Irvine and Reid) try to subvert the young Nagase (Ishida) at every turn. These scenes are eerily tame as well, and only reveal the true horror of Eric's experience when he finally faces up to it himself. Instead, the focus is on his struggle to forgive Nagase, and this gives the film a strongly moving punch.

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Rachel Weisz To Star With Firth In The Railway Man

Rachel Weisz Andy Paterson Colin Firth Deep Blue Jeremy Irvine The Script

Rachel Weisz is set to co-star with Colin Firth in 'The Railway Man'.

The 'Deep Blue Sea' star is in final negotiations to take on the role of Patricia 'Patti' Wallace, the second wife of Colin's character Eric Lomax, a second lieutenant in the Royal Corp of Signals who is captured by the Japanese army in Singapore during World War II.

Eric is sent to a POW camp in Kanchanaburi, Thailand, where he joins thousands of other prisoners and forced to work on the infamous Burma to Siam 'death railway' and the bridge over the river Kwai.

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Colin Firth To Appear In The Railway Man

Colin Firth Andy Paterson Benedict Cumberbatch Cameron Diaz Gary Oldman The Script Tom Hardy

Colin Firth is to star in 'The Railway Man'.

The Oscar-winning actor has signed up to take on the lead role in the World War Two drama, which is based on former army officer Eric Lomax's book about his time spent captured by the Japanese and working on the construction of the 'death railway' between Thailand and Burma.

As well as his Prisoner Of War experiences, it also focuses on how he set out decades later to track down his tormentors and exact some revenge.

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Incendiary Review

To watch Incendiary is to be disappointed by the failure of its huge ambitions. Here is a well-made film featuring good actors and which tells an intimate story, but which tries to do too much and collapses under the weight of its own aspirations. I do not object to the story itself; the problem is that the filmmakers take the story down three different directions when it should have only gone down one.

The film tries to simultaneously be a quiet personal story of guilt and grief and a muted cautionary thriller of government selfishness and compromise. But the mystery and intrigue only serve to distract from the central story and blunt its emotional impact. There is a way to convincingly and engagingly tell both sides of this story: by putting them in different movies with different styles and objectives.

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Girl With A Pearl Earring Review

Johannes Vermeer lived in a time of enormous creativity yet produced so few paintings - 35, exactly - that it's surprising he's remembered at all.

Unlike the romanticized "starving artist," Vermeer's household (in 1600s Netherlands) was extremely well-off, though little much else is known about him. Based on the popular novel, the film imagines the circumstances that might have led to the creation of Vermeer's most famous painting, "The Girl with a Pearl Earring," produced in 1665.

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Hilary And Jackie Review

It's getting to the point where I've just seen enough movies about crazy musicians and whacked-out siblings. Hilary and Jackie gives us both(!), so if you haven't had your fill of these two genres, here's a chance to knock both out at once.

The true story of the Du Pre sisters, we get to see them grow up and become famous musicians. Hilary (Griffiths) ends up opting out of the limelight to raise kids and chickens in the country. Jackie (Watson) goes all-out in her quest to be a solo cellist, and of course, she goes totally bonkers before too long.

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Restoration Review

Robert Downey's schizophrenic personality has finally found a home in Restoration. This sweeping film, set in 1660 England during the reign of the flamboyant Charles II (Sam Neill), tells the story of Merivel (Downey), who rides a rollercoaster from volunteer surgeon to King's veterinarian, to his fall from grace and his eventual rebirth.

Merivel, the kind of guy who pawns his medical instruments to buy time with prostitutes, starts out as a pretty loathsome chap. However, he's also a pretty talented (and daring) physician, and after healing the King's beloved spaniel, he is brought into the fold of nobility. But the story then takes an inexplicable turn as Merivel is given a knighthood and coerced to marry the King's mistress, Celia (Polly Walker), and then promptly falls in love with her.

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The Railway Man Movie Review

The Railway Man Movie Review

A terrific true story is oddly underplayed in this sober, sedate drama about reconciliation and...

Girl with a Pearl Earring Movie Review

Girl with a Pearl Earring Movie Review

Johannes Vermeer lived in a time of enormous creativity yet produced so few paintings -...

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