Simon Green (Ashton Kutcher), an anxious, young businessman, is about to journey with his girlfriend, Theresa (Zoe Saldana), to meet her parents for the first time. They also intend to announce their recent engagement, so it's going to be a very eventful trip. But there's one small problem. She's black. He's white. And she hasn't told her parents yet.

Theresa's father, Percy (Bernie Mac), another businessman, has completed underground investigation on Simon, and he likes what he's found. Percy admires Simon for holding a position at a prestigious business; though, Percy doesn't know (and neither does Theresa, for that matter) that Simon just quit this job. Percy and his wife, Marilyn (Judith Scott), live a traditional, affluent life, and are looking forward to meeting the lucky guy who's dating their beautiful daughter, but they're in for quite the surprise.

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