Beloved Tv star Andy Griffith's widow has won a permit to tear down the late actor's home in North Carolina.

The Tv icon died of a heart attack last year (12), and now his wife is making plans to level a small house he purchased in the 1950s on the Roanoke Sound. Cyndi Griffith obtained a demolition permit in Dare County on Monday (18Mar13).

Her decision has infuriated some of the late star's pals, who had hoped the residence would be converted into a museum featuring his career memorabilia.

Ira David Wood Iii, who met Griffith while working on U.S. Tv show The Lost Colony, tells the Associated Press, "I always assumed the property would be eventually preserved and opened to the public. I imagine Cindi has her reasons, and I don't pretend to know what they are. It's a beautiful bit of property with a lot of memories attached to it. I just hope they're not moving too fast."

And Della Basing, one of The Andy Griffith Show star's childhood friends, adds, "I had really sort of always thought it would be secured. I always thought it would remain."