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High School Trailer

Straight-A student and valedictorian Henry Burke is set to gain a scholarship into university, things really couldn't be better for him. However when he finds himself in detention it brings on a chance meeting with one time friend and prominent stoner Travis Breaux that leads to another chance meeting, this time with Mary Jane. His first time with the drug looks to be a positive one, however this is soon marred the next day as his school principle institutes a zero policy drug policy and administers a mandatory drug test for all students.

Henry is caught between two opinions: fail the drugs test, get expelled and lose his scholarship to MIT or team up with Travis to beat the system. Not wanting to jeopardise his future without a fight, the duo team up to steal a high powered blend of ganja from law student turned drug dealer Psycho Ed and spike the school bake sale's brownie supply, getting the whole school - faculty included - to a whole new level of stoned. With every brownie consumed the boys have to contend with the intoxicated student body as well as an enraged Psycho Ed who really starts to live up to his name as he tails the pair for stealing his stash. The stakes are high as they must find a way to keep their half-baked plan from going up in smoke.

Starring: Adrien Brody, Michael Chiklis, Colin Hanks, Cody Longo, Adhir Kalyan, Matt Bush, Mykelti Williamson, Sean Marquette,  Yeardley Smith,  Michael Vartan,Curtis Armstrong, Luis Chavez, Alicia Sixtos, Mary Birdsong, Julia Ling, Camille Mana, Brett Kelly, Andrew Wilson, Erica Vittina Phillips, Joseph Julian Soria & Nadine Crocker 

Director: John Stalberg

The Big Year Trailer

Brad Harris is having what he calls a 'no-life crisis'. He is stuck in a soul destroying job and he is still living with his parents, despite him being in his mid-thirties. The one thing that holds any interest for him is bird watching. When he discovers that this year is known to 'birders' as 'The Big Year' - one year where birders set out to find as many birds in the country as possible - Brad is determined to beat the record previously set by Kenny Postick.

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Hall Pass Trailer

One week of freedom, no questions asked with no repercussions. Fred and Rick are best friends who have both just been granted the same deal by their wives - a week off their marriages.

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How Do You Know Trailer

Since being cut from the USA softball team Lisa hasn't been having the best time of it, her relationship with her professional baseball pitcher boyfriend isn't as strong as she'd like and there's not much else going on in her life; until she meets George in a lift, George is instantly infatuated with the beautiful Lisa and so begins a love triangle, but who'll win out? The business man in the middle of a crisis or the baseball player?

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Whip It Trailer

Watch the trailer for Whip It

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Picture - Andrew Wilson Hollywood, California, Friday 30th October 2009

Andrew Wilson Friday 30th October 2009 AFI Film Fest 2009 - Opening night gala screening of 'Fantastic Mr. Fox' at Grauman's Chinese Theatre - Arrivals Hollywood, California

Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson

Picture - Andrew Wilson Hollywood, California, Tuesday 29th September 2009

Andrew Wilson Tuesday 29th September 2009 'Whip It' Los Angeles Premiere held at Grauman's Chinese Theatre Hollywood, California

Andrew Wilson



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