Review of Andrew Vincent's album Rotten Pear released through Kelp Records.

Canada's one time 'proponent' of the much romanticised practice of nautical theft has left his band mates (Or should that be ship mates?) behind to re-embark upon his solo career. For Andrew Vincent, formerly of Andrew Vincent & The Pirates, this will be his fifth album. Rotten Pear is the follow up to 2004's group effort 'I Love The Modern Way'. If you were expecting more of the bands rockier energy you may be disappointed. In Andrew's own words 'It's soft acoustics with a dash of synth'. However this does not quite tell the full story as there are some great surprises to be found along the way.

The album was recorded mainly at Andrews house with the help of his collaborator, and producer, Jarrett Bartlett. The intention to give it a 'home made feel', with 'heartfelt Canadian Handicraft' may sound a little twee but on the whole it works very nicely. Having spent most of the last decade in Ottawa, where he feels most 'at home' Andrew now resides in Toronto where he has also spent time doing his PhD in Communication And Culture. This may explain the fabulous way in which Andrew has been able to impart some neatly related pieces of social observation into his lyrics.

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