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The Wolfman Review

This B-movie made on an epic budget is so over-the-top that the earlier you start giggling the better. Even though it's played dead straight, it's an old-style monster romp that couldn't be any more camp if it tried.

American-raised actor Lawrence (Del Toro) returns to his family manor on an English moor, where his wild-haired father Sir John (Hopkins) lives with his Sikh servant (Malik). Lawrence discovers that his brother has just been killed in the woods by a vicious creature, which later wounds him as well, turning him into a werewolf. And on the first full moon, he finds himself on the hunt as well as chased by a Scotland Yard detective (Weaving). But maybe a gypsy woman (Chaplin) and his brother's ex-fiancee (Blunt) hold the key to his salvation.

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Seven Review

Would somebody turn on the lights already? the nameless city that is the setting of Seven, it seems you can only get a 10-watt bulb, and that's when the power works at all. I liked the film, but with the constant thunderclouds, rain, and shadows, it's terribly difficult to tell what's going on.

The title refers to the Seven Deadly Sins--and a serial killer who is planning to knock off one "evil person" for each vice. The first to go is "gluttony," an obese man whom the killer force-feeds until he pops. And trust me, after that, it only gets worse.

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Hideaway Review

Let's get this straight. Hideaway is the worst movie I've seen in months. Watch Jeff Goldblum dance around for two hours trying to keep Aerosmith's favorite video girl, Alicia Silverstone, from getting whacked by the bad guy. Yawn. Only the heavy metal soundtrack is redeemable: it keeps the audience awake.

8mm Review

Looking to delve into the smarmy underbelly of hard-core porn, even snuff filmmaking? Well, 8MM isn't going to take you there. 8MM (Eight Millimeter) is something of a joke, and reports of how "disturbing" it is are highly overrated. As horror, 8MM didn't even give me a jump. As an over-the-top "think about this!" piece, 8MM is even less successful. Why? The film's premise (rich widow hires Cage, P.I., to investigate whether her husband's secreted snuff film is real or not) is wholly unbelievable because, as the audience, you know the film isn't real. The dead girl has a credit at the end, for God's sake!

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Sleepy Hollow Review

I'll be the first to admit I don't really remember the details of Washington Irving's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. But what I do remember, well, it didn't go like this.

In typical Tim Burton fashion, a fairy tale gets an update (and the film's color gets drained out in the process). The guts of Legend are still there: In 1799, evil headless horseman marauds a tiny village in upstate New York. Ichabod Crane (Depp) is sent to investigate.

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