Normally, a hero is supposed to arrive at the last minute, not get unceremoniously cut, but that’s what happened to poor little Batkid, whose performance alongside Andrew Garfield during the televised Oscars show on Sunday night (march 2) was stripped from the proceedings.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2Andrew Garfield stars in 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'

You’ll remember Batkid as the adorable little fella who was at the centre of the Make A Wish Foundation’s most elaborate project: he came to San Francisco, hurdled and defeated some cleverly places objects and foes, saving the city and its people from an unthinkable hero. He was, for all intents and purposes, Batman for a day. It was fun.

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But his 15 minutes of fame wasn’t destined to stretch any further, and it’s not been confirmed exactly why Miles Scott was denied to opportunity to reprise his role as Batkid on the biggest night of the film calendar. Although, sources have claimed that a bratty Garfield was behind it all.

“Garfield had a tantrum. He stormed off. Miles and his family, who were at the rehearsal, were devastated,” a source told The New York Post. The source explained that the Spider-Man star wasn’t happy with the lines written for him, deciding instead to pen his own. “Garfield was such a spoiled brat that he didn’t even want to be a presenter.”

Another source told Mashable: “Of course Miles and his family were disappointed. It was heart-wrenching to speak to them. The last thing they wanted was to see their son disappointed.”

"I don't know if they ran out of time, or if there was something about the segment they didn't like," said the boy's mother, Natalie Scott. "It got pulled so quickly that we didn't have a lot of insight into what was going on." She added: "It is kind of a disappointment, but things happen. I know that's how TV goes and how Hollywood is. We're just not used to that; we're from a really small town. We haven't really heard anything [by way of a follow-up from the organisers]. We just tried to make the most of the trip, and just got home last night."

A spokesperson for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences confirmed that a Batkid segment was in fact rehearsed, but the final product wasn’t exactly what they had imagined. "Basically, because of the fluid nature of live TV production, ultimately the segment didn't work," the spokesperson told the Hollywood Reporter.

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