The best recipe for on-screen chemistry is real-life chemistry. But while Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield might have plenty of that, it doesn’t stop them from sharing the occasional super awkward makeout sesh for comedic effect. When the British Amazing Spider-Man 2 star, 30, hosted the show's May 3 episode, his costar and girlfriend, 25, stepped in to help out.

Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone
You'd think after all that kissing - on-screen and off - they'd know how to do it by now,

The couple demonstrated various kisses that didn’t make the cut for their characters Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy, presumably because all of them fall into the “never do that to another human being” category.

Emma Stone herself already has several turns hosting SNL under her beld, but her partner just had his debut last night. So it was only natural for the actress to lend a hand during Garfield’s opening monologue. The kissing, however, didn’t take place until later in the episode. Try as they might, the couple just couldn’t lock lips – not the right way anyway – and ended up doing the “anaconda” quite a few times – that is, someone’s mouth was often locked around the other one’s chin.

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