Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield have managed to keep any aspects of their three year relationship private, until now. While on a press tour for the forthcoming 'Amazing Spider-Man' sequel, the 30 year-old actor revealed a rather personal detail.

Watch Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield's interview on Australia's 'The Project'

Both stars of the superhero movie were being interviewed on Australian TV show 'The Project' when the host asked how Garfield makes his "package look appropriate in that costume?"

"It takes a lot of consideration," the British actor replied, "because you don't want it to be overwhelming and you don't want it to be underwhelming."

"You don't want it to intimidate and you don't want it to.the opposite of intimidate," he continued. "So yes, there is thought, but ultimately you have to trust that what you have is enough."

Stone then joined into the conversation by adding, "With great power comes great responsibility."

"Did you focus group it?" the interviewer further asked. "How did you actually get it right?"

"You know what, I ... I ... focus group!" Garfield replied, before breaking into laughter. "I had one focus group and that focus group was Emma, and she approved."

The pair met while filming 'The Amazing Spider-Man' in 2011 and they now reunite their on-screen relationship in the upcoming film, which also features Jamie Fox as Peter Parker's new nemesis 'Electro', along with several other villainous characters.

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With all these aspects added to the fact that he is still struggling to cope with the death of his Uncle Ben and is still attempting to recovery more information about his father's past, Parker is truly at his most venerable.

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'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' will hit US movie theatres on May 2nd 2014.