Spider-man stars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone have been dating for nearly three years and have worked to keep their relationship private. So they've been struggling lately to dodge questions while out on promotion duties for the film's release. The best thing they can do about it is turn the questions into a joke.

Amazing Spider-Man 2Andrew Garfield as 'The Amazing Spider-Man' 2

At last month's London premiere, Garfield went all cagey. "Who's my girlfriend?" he said when a journalist asked. "You're making an assumption about my personal life, and my personal life is not public property." All he would admit was that, yes, "we're acting together".

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Ellen Degeneres got a bit more out of them when they appeared together on her show, although the discussion was a bit awkward. At one point, Ellen asked if they saved money by sharing a hotel room, and was egged on by costar Jamie Foxx. Garfield laughed and said, "You know the answer to that because we've been sharing a bedroom!" But when Ellen asked if they rehearse their kissing scenes, Garfield jokingly said, "Drop it. Just drop it!"

Then during an interview with an American news show Stone couldn't help herself. Asked about sharing the screen with Garfield, she said, "It's a dream to work with him. He's obviously one of the greatest actors I think we have alive today, and he's also just a remarkable human being. So I love him very much."

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 currently tops the UK box office chart and opens in the US this weekend.

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