The new Diet Coke hunk for 2013 is Andrew Cooper, a 32-year-old model tasked with selling the less sugary brother of Full Fat Coke to the masses. In a clip from the new advert, the blue-eyed Cooper is seeking stripping off before soaking himself with a can of the fizzy drink, much to the delight of a watching group of women.

Used in all the Diet Coke adverts, Etta James' 'I Just Want To Make Love To You' is once again the soundtrack for the commercial, shot on location in South Africa. It begins with a group of friends sipping Coke over lunch in a park, while a handsome gardener mows the grass. One of the girls rolls a can down the hill, with the model picking it up, bursting it open and soaking himself. Mancunian model and actor Cooper told the Daily Mail, "Everyone remembers the Diet Coke Man advertisements.They have been cultural milestones and I'm absolutely thrilled to have been chosen to play the part in 2013 - especially in such an exciting year for the brand."

The new advert has been launched to celebrate Diet Coke's 30th birthday, which will also see the star of the 1998 ad Robert Merrill make a return to the small-screen. The innovative long-running campaign became a cultural phenomenon following the first advert, which starred Lucky Vanous as a hunky construction worker who paused every day at 11.30am for a can of Diet Coke. 

Watch The Original 1994 Diet Coke Commercial: