Andrew Adamson is to direct an adaptation of Steve Niles's 'Breath of Bones'.

Adamson, 47, who has previously directed 'Chronicles of Narnia', has agreed to make a film based on the comic.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Adamson explained the plot of the film, saying: ''Telling a story can be tough. It's the one monster rooted in religion and mysticism, so I wanted to be respectful.

''I decided to tell it as a World War II fable. It's a story of a grandfather teaching his grandson how to make a monster to defend his village against a Nazi invasion.''

The comic on which the new film will be based was co-written by Matt Santoro, while Dave Watcher was responsible for the distinctive artwork, for which he was nominated for a Russ Manning Award.

Adamson, meanwhile, has an impressive track record for directing creative films, having made the first two films in the 'Shrek' franchise, in addition to 'Narnia' movies 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe' and 'Prince Caspian'.

The eagerly-awaited new film is to be produced by Mike Richardson and Keith Goldberg, who will work alongside Adamson and his producing partner Aron Warner.