Kylie Minogue's boyfriend Andres Velencoso has signed up for a new film.

The Spanish model - who has been dating the Australian pop star since 2008 - will play a role in 'The End', about a group of friends who meet up in the Pyrenees Mountains between France and Spain, and he admits he is delighted to be trying something new. According to The Sun newspaper, he said: ''When you start working a little less when you were 25 and don't travel as much, you have more free time.

''Why not invest it in something you've been thinking about doing for a while? I wish I'd tried it when I was living in New York and had so much more time on my hands.''

Kylie has herself been turning to acting recently, filming a role in 'Holy Motors' so she could explore an alternative side to her usually perky personality.

She said: ''No one's shiny and happy all the time. There are other sides of me that an experience like this has allowed me to explore.

''My persona is 'Kylie'. As soon as I step out of my house I have that projection of me. But that isn't necessarily who I am. What face do I show?''