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Picture - Andre Royo - Screening of... Los Angeles California United States, Tuesday 30th July 2013

Andre Royo - Screening of A24's 'The Spectacular Now' at the Vista Theatre - Los Angeles, California, United States - Tuesday 30th July 2013

Andre Royo

The Spectacular Now Trailer

Sutter Keely thinks he has the perfect life; he's a high-school student with a car, a job he loves, a gorgeous girlfriend and the ability to make friends wherever he goes. Rather than thinking about his future and what graduation will bring, he's perfectly contented to take each day as it comes. It only becomes a curse when his girlfriend dumps him, but things take a different turn in his life when he wakes up after a particularly alcohol-fuelled night only to find himself in someone else's yard with a concerned looking Aimee Finicky next to him. Aimee's the good girl, who's never had a boyfriend and puts her focus on her future. Sutter finds himself falling in love and coming round to the idea of a quiet life, but thinking about the future has made him wonder if he should factor in Aimee's at all.

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The Collection Trailer

The Collector is a brutal masked serial killer who enjoys torturing, mutilating and killing his victims through booby-traps after luring them to secret locations to collect them. Despite being the subject of an immense manhunt, he manages another ruthless slaughter by rigging up a set of traps at an underground nightclub. Elena is persuaded by her friends to attend the club, but becomes the only survivor after every other attendee is murdered. She is instead kidnapped and taken to an old hotel, again lined with traps. The only person who knows where she is is Arkin; an ex-con who is still traumatised by his own experiences and narrow escape from the Collector. He is persuaded to help look for her after being approached by Elena's wealthy father and his team of headstrong mercenaries, but will they find her in time to save her? And will they struggle to hold themselves together along the way?

'The Collection' is the grisly sequel to 2009 horror flick 'The Collector'. It has been directed by Marcus Dunstan ('Saw IV', 'Piranha 3DD') who co-wrote the screenplay with his previous writing partner Patrick Melton and it has already been released in cinemas in Fall 2012 in the US.

Starring:Josh Stewart, Emma Fitzpatrick, Lee Tergesen, Johanna Braddy, Navi Rawat, Randall Archer, Michael Nardelli, Christopher McDonald, Tim Griffin, Andre Royo, Brandon Molale, Daniel Sharman, Erin Way, Shannon Kane, Justin Mortelliti,

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Picture - Andre Royo , Saturday 12th January 2013

Andre Royo 2013 Independent Spirit Brunch held at BOA Steakhouse in West Hollywood Featuring: Andre Royo Where: Los Angeles, California, United States When: 12 Jan 2013

Andre Royo
Andre Royo
Andre Royo

Red Tails Trailer

In the height of World War II, the American Army have devised an experimental training programme, known as the Tuskegee Training Programme, that consists of African American soldiers. Despite their hard work training, they are beginning to lose hope that they will ever fight in the war. Discrimination in the army was so rife, the men were often seen as unable to fight for their country.

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Picture - Andre Royo New York City, USA, Thursday 8th September 2011

Andre Royo Thursday 8th September 2011 Reading of Sarah Tuft's '110 Stories', a benefit for New York Says Thank You Foundation held at the Skirball Center - Arrivals New York City, USA

Andre Royo

Picture - Andre Royo Beverly Hills, California, Friday 6th June 2008

Andre Royo Friday 6th June 2008 Genlux magazine introduces: 'An evening with artist Mark Baptist' - Arrivals Beverly Hills, California

Andre Royo
Andre Royo

Picture - Andre Royo and Guest Beverly Hills, California, Friday 6th June 2008

Andre Royo - Andre Royo and Guest Beverly Hills, California - Genlux magazine introduces: 'An evening with artist Mark Baptist' - Arrivals Friday 6th June 2008

Andre Royo
Andre Royo



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