Reg Traviss says working with the Amy Winehouse Foundation is helping him deal with his grief at losing the singer.

The film director admits the sudden loss of his girlfriend in July is still painful but he is overcoming the "bad days" by committing himself to the charity her father Mitch set up in her memory to help young people in need due to "ill health, disability, financial disadvantage or addiction".

Reg - who attended the opening of the Cointreau Prive at 215 Piccadilly in London this week, where Dita Von Teese performed a burlesque routine - told BANG Showbiz: "You have good days and you have bad days, to be honest. Most of my days at the moment are, 'I can't believe it days.' The past two weeks have been f***ing s**t to be perfectly honest with you, but you can't predict the way it's going to go - it's just so up and down.

"One thing that's been helping me and helping her family is the work we're doing with the Amy Winehouse Foundation. If it can help just one person then it will all be worth it. The thing is that Amy's case isn't an isolated case and so many people in the same situation as her die in London alone each week and I just want to raise awareness of that."

In October, a coroner's report ruled the cause of Amy's passing was death by "misadventure" due to alcohol poisoning, as she was five-times the UK drink-drive limit on the night she died.

It was also revealed the 'Back to Black' singer - who had battled substance abuse problems throughout her life - had been clean of alcohol for three weeks before going on that fateful binge.

Reg insists the ruling doesn't provide him with any comfort because he knew Amy had been getting her life on track in the months before her death.

The filmmaker added: "People always think the coroner's verdict will provide some comfort for me, but it doesn't. Yeah, I'm glad everyone now knows what I already knew but I knew she had been off the stuff for months and didn't need a coroner to tell me that."