Despite Amy Winhouse's continued success posthumously (Yahoo reported back in July '12 that she'd sold closing in on 2 million records since her death), the 'Back to Black' singer's physical assets aren't doing so well. Her house had been up for sale with a price tag of £2.7m, but with no takers her parents have been forced to put it up for auction with a guide price of just £1.8m. A massive £900,000 reduction, the BBC reports.

Winehouse's home was situated on Camden Square which was turned into something of a shrine after her death. She was found in the house on July 23rd 2011, aged just 27, which means she was added to the '27 Club'- a group of the dead greats, all of whom died at this fated age, including Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin. Winehouse's death in the house could be one aspect putting punters off. 

At a former price tag of £2.7m there were some people interested, but deals fell through as the funds couldn't be found. An auction was deemed safer as buyers would definitely have the money to pay for such a pricey home. The auction will take place at Bafta HQ in Piccadilly, London and the auction catalogue doesn't mention the artist, perhaps for the reasons above. An auction could also lead to a bidding war, so despite the £1.8m guide price, that could certainly escalate. In other news, two dresses of Amy's were stolen from the house last month as items of hers were organised for a separate auction, the proceeds from which would've gone to the Amy Winehouse Foundation.