Amy Winehouse would often ''get bored'' in the middle of performances.

The 'Back to Black' singer - who died of accidental alcohol poisoning a year ago - was ''too smart'' to enjoy playing the same songs over and over again, according to her collaborator and friend Mark Ronson.

He said: ''She would have moments of f**king brilliance on stage where everybody knew what they were watching.

''Then she'd get a little bored and go into a Lauryn Hill song in the middle of the set. She was too smart and too talented not to get bored.''

Mark admits the pair made a lot of the songs for her second album 'Back to Black' in two weeks, but it was only when he listened back that he realised how dark the lyrics were.

Upon playing the songs, he told Q magazine: ''That was the first time it sank in. Holy s**t, all those lyrics. It's real emotion. Pain. And she had to live that. All I had to do was make it sound good.''