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  • 31 October 2005

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15th April, 1982







Seth Rogen (born 15.4.1982)
Seth Rogen is a Canadian actor and comedian, best known for his roles in mainstream comedy films such as Knocked Up and Superbad.

Childhood: Seth Rogen was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. His mother, Sandy, is a social worker and his father, Mark, is the assistant director of a Workmen's Circle. Rogen himself has described his parents as 'radical Jewish socialists.' His elder sister Danya is also a social worker.

At the age of 16, Seth Rogen came second in the Vancouver Amateur Comedy Contest before moving south to pursue a career in stand-up and acting.

TV Career: Seth Rogen first worked commercially when he started appearing in commercials at the age of 13. He then landed a role in Freaks and Geeks, playing the role of Ken Miller. He would go on to work extensively with the show's co-producer Judd Apatow.

In 2001, Rogen landed minor roles in Donnie Darko (which starred Jake Gyllenhaal and Maggie Gyllenhaal) and Dawson's Creek.

In 2005, Rogen won a Primetime Emmy Award, along with Evan Goldberg, for their writing work on Da Ali G Show. It has also been claimed that Rogen contributed to the writing of Sacha Baron Cohen's Borat, though he was not credited for it.

That same year, he also appeared in the hugely successful film The 40-Year Old Virgin. The film was Judd Apatow's directorial debut and starred Steve Carell.

Following the success of the film, Apatow went on to cast Rogen in one of the lead roles of Knocked Up, a comedy based on a one night stand that results in pregnancy.

Superbad was released in 2008. Rogen had originally written the script with himself in mind for the lead role. However, the film's producers wanted a younger version of Rogen and opted for one of Rogen's friends and collaborators, Jonah Hill. Rogen followed the success of Superbad by writing the screenplay for Drillbit Taylor, an Owen Wilson vehicle.

Seth Rogen also co-wrote Pineapple Express with Evan Goldberg.

Rogen went on to appear opposite Elizabeth Banks in Kevin Smith's Zack and Miri Make A Porno, followed by Observe and Report, a comedy directed by Jody Hill.

Seth Rogen and Adam Sandler will both appear in the Judd Apatow-directed Funny People. The film will also star Eric Bana and Leslie Mann.

Personal Life: Seth Rogen is dating Lauren Miller.

'Preacher' Creator Seth Rogen Discusses Outrage And Controversy Surrounding The Show

By Daniel Falconer in Movies / TV / Theatre on 26 June 2018

Seth Rogen

Dominic Cooper is back playing Jesse Custer in the third season of 'Preacher'; here the show's creator Seth Rogen discusses the controversial scenes that have landed the series in hot water.

Adapted from the comic book of the same name by Garth Ennis and the late Steve Dillon, AMC original series 'Preacher' has just started its third season, with creators Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, and Sam Catlin all back in charge once more. Winning critical acclaim with its unique production and storylines, the show has won plenty of fans, but also a number of those who oppose it being on television at all.

Image caption Seth Rogen works as creator on 'Preacher' alongside Evan Goldberg and Sam Catlin

When it comes to being outraged at something on the box, there are always a group of professional complainers ready to let their voices be heard. It's something that has plagued shows such as 'Game of Thrones' in the past, and looks set to continue happening to series that dare to be a little more outrageous than others.

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Lauren Miller and Seth Rogen at the 2018 MTV Movie and TV Awards held at Barker Hangar in Santa Monica. This year Chris Pratt has been honoured with the MTV Generation Award, and Lena Waithe has been given the Trailblazer Award - Santa Monica, California, United States - Saturday 16th June 2018

Willie Nelson Is The Only Man To Outsmoke Snoop Dogg

By Holly Mosley in Lifestyle / Showbiz on 10 April 2018

Snoop Dogg Willie Nelson Jimmy Kimmel Seth Rogen

The rapper made the sensational claim on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

A very open culture of pot-smoking has developed since medical marijuana was legalised in California, and there's a few celebrities who make up a lot of that culture. There's a what has recently been dubbed a 'Mount Rushmore' of pot-smokers, on which sits the face of Snoop Dogg and the only man to ever out-smoke him.

Image caption Snoop Dogg at the GQ Men of the Year Awards

When Seth Rogen appeared on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' talking about smoking weed with college kids, Jimmy Kimmel came up with his ultimate Mount Rushmore of Pot Smokers featuring Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, Woody Harrelson, and Seth Rogen himself who has taken over from Cheech & Chong in his eyes.

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Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen at the Los Angeles premiere of Universal Pictures' comedy 'Blockers' held at the Regency Village Theatre. Directed by Kay Cannon, the film stars Leslie Man, Ike Barinholtz and John Cena as three parents who band together to foil their daughters' plans to lose their virginity on prom night - Westwood, California, United States - Tuesday 3rd April 2018

The Disaster Artist Review


A hilariously outrageous story based on real events, this film recounts the making of the 2003 movie The Room, which is widely considered to be one of the worst films ever made, even as it has developed a cult following. Based on the book by The Room's star Greg Sestero, it takes a remarkably personal look at the antics of aspiring actor-filmmaker Tommy Wiseau, who is played by James Franco with gonzo charm.

In late-1990s San Francisco, Tommy meets Greg (played by Dave Franco) in an acting class. As they struggle to find work, they make a pact to support each other. After moving to Los Angeles, Tommy decides to fund his own movie from his mysterious fortune, with himself in the lead role opposite Greg. They hire a cast (including Ari Graynor, Josh Hutcherson, Zac Efron and Jacki Weaver) and crew (including Seth Rogen and Paul Scheer) and set out to film Tommy's screenplay for The Room. But everyone has second thoughts, since Tommy has no discernible skill at acting, writing or directing.

The Room is indeed a terrible film, but it's remarkable simply for the fact that Wiseau managed to make it. And by accepting that the public saw his melodramatic romance as an awkward comedy, he has actually made money from it. The irony about this story is of course that the profoundly untalented Wiseau had enough cash to finance the project himself. Franco plays him with affection: he's a jerk to everyone, and refuses to admit his age, nationality or where he got his millions, but he's tenacious and loyal. It's a terrific performance that never winks at the camera. And the Franco brothers bring superb camaraderie to the screen in what becomes a surprisingly involving bromance.

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Seth Rogen's Mom Tweets Him When He Ignores Her Calls

By Holly Mosley in Lifestyle / Showbiz on 13 October 2017

Seth Rogen

Even celebrities better make sure they call their parents back.

There is something uniquely funny about watching a celebrity getting berated by their mother for not calling them - and when it's Seth Rogen it's all the more amusing. The comedian avoided his mother's calls for a full day, so she took to social media to get hold of him.

Image caption Seth Rogen at 'Preacher' season 2 premiere

Never ignore your mom's calls, because she'll find a way of contacting you and all your friends and fans will join in making sure you pick up your damn phone. The 35-year-old actor re-Tweeted Sandy Rogen's message to him when he wouldn't answer his phone and the comments are hilarious.

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The Disaster Artist Trailer

Tommu Wiseau is an ever secretive and Louisiana-born filmmaker who directed, wrote and starred in the 2003 romantic drama 'The Room' with Greg Sestero. It's a movie that has become a cult hit among film-lovers for all the wrong reasons, as it's considered to be one of the worst films ever made.

It follows the love triangle between banker named Johnny (Tommy's character), his lying wife Lisa ( protrayed by Juliette Danielle) and his best friend Mark (who is played by Greg Sestero). Amongst the random subplots that seemingly have no relation to the plot itself, we see Johnny struggling to quash Lisa's stories that she is the victim of domestic abuse.

James Franco stars as the filmmaker while his brother Dave Franco plays Greg Sestero in 'The Disaster Artist'; a comedic retelling of Sestero's 2013 memoir and a look at the making of this iconic flick. Amusingly Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero also star in this new movie - though they portray characters Henry and the casting agent respectively. Plus, Sestero previously claimed that Wiseau would only agree to this adaptation if he would be played by either James Franco or Johnny Depp.

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Lauren Miller and Seth Rogen at the 89th Annual Academy Awards (Oscars 2017) held at the Dolby Theatre at the Hollywood & Highland Center - Los Angeles, California, United States - Monday 27th February 2017

Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising [Bad Neighbours 2] Review


While it's amusing and sometimes very funny, there's an air of desperation about this sequel to the 2014 breakout hit comedy. The main problem is that, instead of pushing the characters forward in any way, the plot is basically a rehash of the exact same series of events. So the cast and crew rush through it in the hopes that audiences might not notice, throwing in issues like girl power and gay marriage to make it look like they noticed the criticisms of the first movie.

It's been a year or so, and now Mac and Kelly (Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne) are selling their house to move to the suburbs before the birth their second child. But just as the sale is agreed, a sorority moves in next door, founded by Shelby (Chloe Grace Moretz) in defiance of the usual frat-house rules. They get help from former fraternity leader Teddy (Zac Efron), who's aimless because his best pal Pete (Dave Franco) has just agreed to marry his boyfriend. So Mac and Kelly are worried that the loud parties are going to jeopardise the sale, and when talking with Shelby fails, the stand-off escalates into all-out war. And when the girls turn on him, Teddy swaps sides to help take them down.

The dialogue is packed with hilariously wrong humour, mainly adult gags that are spoken around very young children. The idea of a little girl who chooses a pink dildo as her favourite toy is good for one laugh, but perhaps not the next 10 the filmmakers try to wring from it. Meanwhile, there's a strange exhaustion in the air, as both Teddy and Mac seem tired of all of this nonsense. Efron and Rogen play the roles with impeccable timing, but both seem aware that they've already pushed these characters as far as they possibly can. Byrne has a lot more spark, and provides most of the best laughs. And Moretz shows some skill at spiky silliness.

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Sausage Party - Teaser Trailer

Frank is a hot dog Wiener who's packed into a vacuum seal bag with all his closest buds, Brenda is a hot dog bun who is also bagged up with the other ladies in the Glamour Buns pack. Since being stored on the supermarket shelf, Frank and Brenda have known that they're meant to be, now all that has to happen is their new owner picks both packets to take them home for their happily ever after.

As luck would have it, a lady picks them both up and it seems like their dream is coming true, little do the food items actually know what happens to them when they get to their new home; they're pealed, boiled, grated and roasted to death before being eaten. Now Frank is on a mission to bring the truth to the other consumables in a bit to make the horror stop.

Sausage Party is an R rated CG animation.

Steve Jobs Review


Sidestepping arguments about accuracy, writer Aaron Sorkin and director Danny Boyle take an artistic, impressionistic approach to this biopic about the iconic Apple founder. Using a structure that would work perfectly on stage, the film tells his story through just three extended scenes. In the process, it reveals even more about human nature than it does about Steve Jobs or the tech business.

The first segment is set in 1984, as Steve (Michael Fassbender) is about to launch the game-changing Macintosh computer with cofounder Steve Wozniak (Seth Rogen), marketing expert Joanna Hoffman (Kate Winslet) and developer Andy Hertsfeld (Michael Stuhlbarg). As he organises the launch event to within an inch of its life, he's interrupted by his ex-girlfriend Chrisann (Katherine Waterston), but Steve still refuses to accept that her 5-year-old daughter is his. He also has an important conversation with the Apple chairman John Sculley (Jeff Daniels) just before going on-stage. This same scenario is repeated two more times, at the 1988 launch of NeXT and at the 1998 launch of the iMac, tracing Steve's fierce business acumen, complex interaction with his colleagues, and his evolving connection with his daughter.

Fassbender bravely never hedges his bets as Jobs, finding a tricky balance in an innovator who changed the world but never quite made sense of his personal or professional relationships. This is a man who is likeable and cruel at the same time, eliciting both laughter and gasps of horror from the audience. Fassbender's kinetic energy is hugely engaging, matched cleverly by Winslet's Hoffman, the only person with whom Jobs speaks about his own flaws. With both Rogen's generous Wozniak and Stuhlbarg's determined Hertzfeld, Jobs is much more dismissive, although there's respect under the surface. And its the literate banter with Daniels' thoughtful Sculley that gives the film its brainy kick, especially as it's so inventively written and directed to weave conversations right into flashbacks.

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Kung Fu Panda 3 Trailer

Po and The Furious Five return in Kung Fu Panda 3! Po might now be the undisputed Dragon Warrior but his mission of self-growth and protection for the citizens of the Valley of Peace. Taking advice from the person he trusts most, Master Shifu Po discovers that his real journey is just beginning as he must transition from warrior to teacher.

After finding his birth father, Li, Po finally feels he belongs to someone. Po's stepdad, Mr Ping on the other hand isn't so convinced that this new panda is a relative at all! The Panda's travel to a secret panda village where Po, for the first time, is surrounded by Bears - most clumsy - just like him.

When a supernatural beast named Kai comes to their region, he threatens to put the lives a of some of the animals Po loves most in danger. To survive the attack by Kai, Po must train his new family and teach them how to fight for themselves - after all, surely they all have some of the Dragon Warrior in them?

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The Night Before Trailer

Ever since Chris, Ethan and Isaac were young, the trio of friends have always spent the run-up to Christmas together, as the years have gone by their Christmas eve reunion has become harder to manage and this year is no exception, with Chris living the highlife as a celebrity and Isaac soon to become a father, the trio decide that this year they're going to have a huge blowout.

The three guys might be approaching middle age but that's not going to stop them from having fun, this year they're convinced that they're going to find the Nutcracka Ball - piece de resistance in Christmas Parties.

The Night Before was written and directed by Jonathan Levine who also directed 50/50 and Warm Bodies starring Nicoholas Hoult. The film also sees the one and only Miley Cyrus making a cameo appearance.

Joe Roth, Sam Raimi, Joey King, David Briem, Seth Rogen and Leron G - James Franco is honoured with a Hollywood Star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame - Los Angeles, California, United States - Thursday 7th March 2013

Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller - 2013 Vanity Fair Oscar Party at Sunset Tower - Arrivals - Los Angeles, California, United States - Monday 25th February 2013